New Resident Evil:Revelations Gameplay

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cant w8 for this game , I CANT W8 ANY LONGER

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It's looking awesome. I should get some more hands-on time with this at the EuroGamer Expo next month, hope it's  new demo, the timed Nintendo World one was pretty shit.

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So they chose to show footage that made it look like; 
"cheap jump scare and clumsily attempt to shoot dogs that run past you and then in circles : the game"? 
I understand the mechanics havent changed from the past few games so the same thing could be levelled at those (bar the first person aiming) but jeez Capcom, get some quality control in before releasing things like this.

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I like how you'll be switching between Chris/Jessica, Jill/Parker with their own related, but separate stories. I imagine Chris' will be more action orientated, while Jill gets the reserved, survival-horror throwback. 
Makes me wonder as well if the gasmask guy from the first few trailers really was H.U.N.K and not just some other generic gasmask guy. H.U.N.K I never pictured to have much ambition with any kind of terrorism schemes or whatever and was primarily just a merc doing what he was told. Then again he could be in the exact same position here. Having H.U.N.K as a lead villain, though, would just be really weird. 
The gameplay I'm totally fine with since the atmosphere at least looks to be much more full of dread, with some actual modesty - kinda like a full length Lost In Nightmares. I still so wish this couldn't of been a full downloadable story for consoles, but I'll most likely crack and just get a 3DS bundled with this. It's the exact reason as to why I got a Gamecube, for the remake, RE0 and RE4, at least initially.

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Here's a Gold Mii Jill Valentine that Capcom were dishing out at TGS: 

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