Resident Evil: Revelations Has Online Co-Op

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Capcom have confirmed the Resident Evil: Revelations has online Co-Op for 2 players on their Japanese website for the game. The site also confirms Local Wireless options and StreetPass functionality, and that the game will arrive on a 4GB cart.

The Co-Op mode is called "Raid Mode" and appears to be a fresher take on the Mercenaries mini-games. You play as either Jill Valentine or Chris Redfield as you eliminate enemies in scenarios taken from the main campaign .Raid Mode is playable in both single-player and two-player variations, the latter of which allows you to team up with a fellow survivor either locally or over the internet.

As you'd expect, you earn points for killing exploits that are calculated at the end of each level to give you a rank. you'll also collect loot and parts to upgrade your weapons.

Tsukasa Takenaka speaking to EuroGamer:

"The story mode in the game is something we created with the single-player experience in mind. I would like everyone to play the game in their bedroom with the lights off and headphones on. That's the way to experience the mode. At the same time, these games we create, we know they're really enjoyable when you're able to share some of that experience with a friend. Multiplayer is very important and that communication is something that resonates with everyone. We felt putting Raid Mode in, in this kind of structure, allowed us to do that for this game as well."

This looks like it's shaping up to be a very cool game...

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Wow dude, thanks for the info. This is some hot looking shit right here.
Okay Hunters can stealth now?

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It is indeed. I've added the "Raid Mode" trailer to the OP.

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I really am looking forward to this. Looks pretty awesome.

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@Contro: That's....that's actually pretty cool. I'm kind of excited.

Between this and that Mario Kart thread, you're a fucking rollercoaster, duder.

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Sounds rad. I've been hyped for this game since that first trailer came out at E3 2010... Not sure why though. I really liked RE5.

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Interesting quote, it sounds like they may have something similar to gameplay Silent Hill on Wii had.

"We're saying that this is survival horror, but it is definitely not the feel of those old Resident Evil games. There's still that really, really nice, smooth feel to the controls, and that's what's very different about those older games. At the same time, one of the things that we're bringing back that was a staple of older survival horror games that has kind of gotten lost is that need to run away from enemies as well as defeating them. In a lot of older survival horror games, you would not even be able to defeat all the enemies -- you'd have to find a way to escape and run for your life, and survive in that sense of the word. That's one of the things we're going to be doing with this game, as well. We're pretty confident that we were able to create a really, really scary experience, but still do that without having to make the player fight with the controls."

- Assistant Producer Tsukasa Tanaka

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Co-op is good and would definitely influence my purchase. I think I'd enjoy a Resident evil game more playing with someone else.

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