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One of the best Resident Evil games in years. 2

It's not quite a return to The World of Survival Horror, but it's... better than Resident Evil 6The once esteemed Resident Evil series has, to put it lightly, been in a bit of a rut lately. 2012 was a year where fans of the series should have been overjoyed to find that there was not one, not two, but three Resident Evil games all released within the one year. Revelations was by far the best of the bunch, though it was unfortunately restricted to the 3DS user-base. Now a year later, so long as y...

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Resident Evil Revelations is a lovable mess 1

Few games have ever made me simultaneously swear at and cower from them. Resident Evil Revelations inspired quite a bit of both this week as I pushed myself to overcome my sometimes irrational fear of zombies. I recoiled from the hideous monsters and freely cussed the game's numerous hitches and quirks -- and loved it.Revelations is a straightforward action-horror title that borrows heftily from Resident Evil 4 and 5 but tries desperately to reanimate the series' survivalist roots. You primarily...

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New Coat of Paint. 0

It’s no secret that the Resident Evil franchise is one without focus, trading in its signature survival horror for grand action-adventure style romps. Resident Evil Revelations premiered on the 3DS sparking a return to form concentrating on the scares and anxiety that should be expected from this franchise. After Resident Evil 6 was panned by both critics and fans, Capcom reacted by porting Revelations for a wider audience. Revelations exceeds where 6 fails, giving a glimmer of hope for this on...

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A mixture of traditional survival horror and modern action, Revelations is a relative success for a dwindling franchise 0

The SS Queen Zenobia is a peculiar location for a modern Resident Evil game. Tight, claustrophobic corridors line the confines of this desolate vessel. Stranded at sea with no communication with the outside world, those aboard are trapped, alone and with no means of escape. Letters and documents are strewn throughout the ship’s vast interior, from the bridge through to its glorious casino and the depths of its hull. They tell tales of crewmates living their last days and of conspiracy theories s...

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A well-done port for newcomers to the game and at the same time a reminder that Resident Evil can be a great game. 0

Last year’s release of the once-3DS-exclusive Resident Evil: Revelations was one of my favourite games for the system. Looking back, 2012 wasn’t exactly the best year for the franchise in terms of quality or the games upholding the heritage of the series, with such titles as Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, Resident Evil 6 and the HD release of the Chroniclesseries all coming out. Some would argue Capcom has lost their ways with Resident Evil, but ifRevelations was anything to go by, I’d a...

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Impressive tech isn't enough to save this disappointing shipwreck 0

As the saying goes: there’s a time and a place for everything. Contrary to what fans would have you believe, Resident Evil’s time has already passed and its place is not on a handheld gaming platform. This is the best way to sum up Resident Evil: Revelations—Capcom’s attempt to mirror a home console experience on a handheld device. It suffers from too much ambition; striving desperately to spook you through creepy atmosphere whilst keeping you on the edge of your seat through action-heavy set-pi...

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An uneven mess. 0

The Resident Evil series is a confusing dog pile of videogame concepts. With slow-paced horror, light gun games, frantic action, and even an upcoming team-based shooter, I feel like before delving into a new Resident Evil game you have to have the conversation of which of the previous games it represents most. Then everyone wonders if the enemies are regular zombies or more intelligent foes. Resident Evil Revelations is Capcom’s second foray into the 3DS with its classic horror franchise. Revela...

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Lives up to the legacy of the series 0

MAKING games scary is hard to do at the best of times and it’s next to impossible to do it on a handheld console, which by its very nature is designed to be played anywhere and not just in a living room with the lights turned off. So it must be said that Resident Evil Revelations on the Nintendo 3DS is, despite its best efforts, not scary. But that’s not really a big issue because the overall experience is brilliant and a lot of fun to play, so you’ll forgive it for not even giving you one good ...

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WELCOME TO MY RE: REVELATIONS/REVLATOINS REVIEW....Every Single mode of this game get the best S or SSS or whatever highest rating you can get in this game, it has cliff hanger that leads into 4-6 storyline, if you don't understand what happens in 4 and 5 this is a lot of the back story, course had to get the fucking replacement cover, as my pre-order from i got the fucking Revelatoins version, but thanks to Capcom Unity the official Capcom social site, i found the forum and got my ...

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A technically impressive, often clunky, well-intentioned title. 0

As it's been out for a little while already I'll run through the plot and release details quickly. Resi Revs is the first effort at a fully-fledged Resident Evil game on the 3DS, and features an entirely original plot in which Jill (of Resi 1 fame) and Chris (of 'hope this isn't his blood fame) run around a spooky cruise ship shooting monsters. There's more to it than that, but although there's a valiant effort at making this game something of a proper story experience, there's very little plotw...

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