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Every Single mode of this game get the best S or SSS or whatever highest rating you can get in this game, it has cliff hanger that leads into 4-6 storyline, if you don't understand what happens in 4 and 5 this is a lot of the back story, course had to get the fucking replacement cover, as my pre-order from i got the fucking Revelatoins version, but thanks to Capcom Unity the official Capcom social site, i found the forum and got my real Revelations proper 3DS Cover and kept the other one just for shits and giggles...

If you want to the back story that's happening in between RE4 & 5 and in between 5 & and the upcoming game RE: 6 and learn about the characters and there back stories, with a little info about RE: Racoon City as well (flash back missions in RE: Revelations are by far the best things in the game, accept for the S Rank Boss fight and after Credit cutscene/mission leads right into the beginning of 5 and spoils a little bit of RE: 5... I give this a 4.5 stars out of 5 as i have played the RE series since PS:ONE and then replayed them on my LUNCHBOX Nintendo system a/k/a the GameCube Black with "handy" handle, get the gamecube versions they are the best versions with almost modern controls and play RE: Zero on up, i even played the Chronicle Games that came out as Wii exclusives at the time, but are coming this summer to the Playstation 3 with Move only game play, so i'm a Hardcore/DieHard Resident Evil Junkie, so if i'm a little protective over RE Series and you don't like it, then CLICK OFF THIS F**KING PAGE!

Peace Duders,

Crazy CurtMan


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