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This week's Famitsu magazine confirms that Resident Evil fan favourite, the sexy Ada Wong, will feature in the new Wii game, Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles.

Resident Evil 2 and 4's Ada Wong will be appearing in the game according to a translation from IGN, and will be filling the storyline gaps by appearing alongside Claire Redfield. (-In the original PlayStation title she'd only be shown in Leon's sections).


 Anyway, It's known that Leon and Claire will be playable, but it's not yet certain whether Ada will.

Thanks to IGN

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The game looks incredible. I know people say that's only because it's an 100% scriped experience but I'm sure CAPCOM could create a game that looks this good and is of the normal RE style. It's a required skill of the level designer to create areas in such a way that the player can't take a look @ more things than the system can handle showing, and it's even required in PC games like anything Source based (including the merticulously crafted L4D). Only sandbox titles try to have engines that can handle anything that may be thrown at them regardless, the rest still rely on such tecniques to reduce the system load. I doubt they create these lightgun games like they used to, especially this one which also includes normal RE style friendly and enemy AI, not just cut-scene like encounters like you'd see in House of the Dead 2 or other traditional lightgun games. They're making these games because they're faster to put out than a normal game, not because they can look better. There's no vast explorable areas, only a given path, there are no puzzles, only a constant thrill ride forward until the finish line. Maybe they'll some day make a proper Wii RE game, but until then this and Monster Hunter 3 will suffice... And if they manage to bring Tatsunoko over here...

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*drools*. I love you Ada. Ahem...

I'm totally in for this game. I was probably the only one who loved Umbrella Chronicles but whatever, screw you haters.

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