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New thread for the new stuff. Alongside that special trailer came these things:

Alternate Costumes trailer:

Tofu trailer:

I'll probably be getting this, Tofu mode looks like so much fun since it also changes how the enemies are killed, getting pieces blasted off.

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Haha, I like Tofu mode.

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Boob physics in that Claire outfit...

Do look at those screens, pretty impressive for Wii, even for a rail shooter :-)

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IGN video ( and text) review, with some pretty weird comparisons and quibbles (not much more than a rail shooter? it is one):

The text review mentions from start to finish it's 12 hours! That's a lot for a lightgun shooter. Yay for getting your money's worth.
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How awesome is that Tofu survival mode?!
Anyway, I am so glad Dead Space: Extraction actually had a slider for how much you want the camera to shake? Too bad this game doesn't have it. 
Very weird that he downscored a Resident Evil game for its "confusing" and "ridiculous" story. Thats like downscoring a Dragonball game for unrealistic physics.

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Hm, I think it does have an option for it (or maybe I read it for Extraction and forget) but probably not to completely eliminate it. I thought some complaints about Extraction were silly, like how you only get a glimpse of weapons and items and miss them if you blink. Meh, that's really the only way a lightgun shooter adds challenge, all it requires is a fast and accurate trigger finger. If it loses that then what's the point? I understand the frustration but what about the joy of getting the shots right then, I think that counts a lot too. Tofu mode could have been its own game, it looks so fun!

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