Darkside Chronicles TGS Video (& future content?)

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Starting a fresh thread for this. Good stuff.

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Gameplay. Sweet squid thing boss <3

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I don't know why I am, but I'm surprised that they actually include the African setting from RE5.  I'm actually less surprised to see Krauser in the game as a playable character.

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It's gonna show his downfall from "hero" I guess. Great setting though, and a nice change from the other chapters. Impressive recreation of the RE5 look, if they improve the frame rate, but I'm sure they will, or do weird shenanigans so it doesn't affect the cursor movement/gameplay.

I've started playing RE5 on PC and after passing the first few bosses (now died @ some crocodiles) I'm more excited to see how this game ends up than for the rest of RE5 honestly... It's a clunky game that... Though beautiful. Rail shooter or not, this looks pretty engaging too.

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framerate didn't seem so bad to me, but the buildings just don't look right for some reason. Some areas looked great, but others weren't even up to RE4 standards. Despite that, I think the trailer sold me on the game. 

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This game looks legit.

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@VWGTI said:
" This game looks legit. "
That's what IGN seemed to think in their latest preview
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I replaced the GT gameplay video in the 2nd post with a youtube video showing much smoother frame rate. I guess it was GT's fault.

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That's great to hear. I remember a while back they had a preview slamming the game for various reasons.
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" @AgentJ:  That's great to hear. I remember a while back they had a preview slamming the game for various reasons. "

Right, but they really seemed to like the changes that were made. I don't have the link available, but if you go to IGNs wii site it should be there. 
Their talk of the upgrades the game has gone through essentially made the game a must buy for me. I was worried before, but it seems the game is on the right track. It also ends any chance of me getting Dead Space Extraction.
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The short intro to the Africa mission (off screen). Cheese.

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