First screen shots.

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Looks nice, certainly better than UC looked.  This looks much cleaner.

In other news, Capcom have confirmed that the Resident Evil 1 and Zero will be heading to US Wii as part of a "Classics" range, available at

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Screen shots usually look better then the final product, so I'm still sceptical.

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This game looks good. I like how they brought back the original resident evil look. With slow zombies with their arms sticking out.

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Wow, this is a Resident Evil game I may like. Looks slick and I won't have to deal with those shitty controls.

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Yay everyone is white again, I guess this RE is not racist.

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Al3xand3r said:
"Personally, I'd also prefer a proper RE game, but I still like seeing all these lightgun shooters. The genre was dead, and it will be dead again soon enough, the more we get now to enjoy later until the next genre revival, the better. Virtua Cop was getting stale :P

This sounds promising with all the changes from the original. If only these lightgun game developers decided to include headtracking support..."
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Umbrella Chronicles was a great game for both single and multi-player zombie slaying. I'll be buying this game for sure.

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