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Looks awesome.  I going to get it when it comes out.  I actually liked the first Umbrella Chronicles.

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I hate to admit that I actually want to play that. Now I'm one of those more in favor of the Umbrella Chronicles and I had a lot of fun with the HotD games, especiall ynow that I own two Hand Cannon attachments, but with Extraction on the horizon, I thought I was fed up with the genre for a while.

But this is presented in such a nice, movielike way. It makes me wonder why we abandoned Arcade Shooters to begin with.

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I really liked Umbrella chronicles. This is a game I'll keep my eye on.

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Meh. Its still not the REmake of RE2 (or even 3) that everyone wanted. Sure, I certainly found Umbrella Chronicles to be enjoyable, but that's only because I spent less than the full $50 asking price for it.

 I will probably purchase this game eventually because it has Resident Evil in the title, but not for full price.

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Actual, proper 16:9 480p pictures? Did Capcom finally abandon their cube-kits and will deliver a proper image/resolution? I can't believe it.

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Darkside Chronicles looks good, although i wasn't a big fan of the original. For the emphasis on on-rails shooting, the shooting itself was too random in areas such as headshots and location based damage.

I might pick up Umbrella Chronicles again before this comes out. I never finished it, not that I don't know what happens.
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New trailer.


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looks good.

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Is it me or does it run a little smoother than previous videos? I hope the final game isn't too choppy, they pushed the graphics a little too much.

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