Barry Burton = 3DS GOTY of The Year.

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 I-have-this!... zzzzzip.

OK, maybe not quite, but The Mercenaries 3D has now certainly gained a stronger foothold for this to be complete and utter awesome, with the inclusion of the cheerful, gerbil sandwich maestro - Barry Burton. It wasn't all that unexpected though, given his gingery, water-melon shaped head was easy to pick out amongst the initial array of silhouettes. Not to mention that he was also recently added into the Mercenary pack with Rebecca Chambers--who was recently announced to appear--in the previous Resident Evil 5: Alternate edition. Non the less, Barry makes a fine addition and with his constant increased awareness by fans this could spell a role a wee bit higher than some minigame cameo, down the line. Now all they need is Leon (in a trailer showcasing him working with Chris Redfield, naturally) to completely burst open the hype and they'll be all set.

 Perfect Ryan Davis related photo-shoppage I sense here.

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