Resident Evil Chronicles HD announced

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Because of course they were going to. It was just a matter of time. Capcom just announced that both Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles and Darkside Chronicles is coming to the PS3 with Move support. No mention was made of a 360 version with Kinect.


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Were those games any good? They were like, Wii on-rails shooters, right?

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@TooWalrus said:

Were those games any good? They were like, Wii on-rails shooters, right?

They were. I'd say that they are probably the two best on-rail shooters on the market. Umbrella Chronicles, which I have played to death, has TONS of unlockables and secret items. I haven't played Darkside Chronicles, but I hear it's the same but better and harder, and it also appears to make the Code Veronica story seem less bad by removing the annoying in Steve.

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I loved Umbrella Chronicles but never got around to getting Darkside Chronicles. Would pick this up if I owned a move.

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Sounds about right. These games really need the tactile feel of a Move or Wii Controller, so I doubt we'll see a Kinect version. What would be interesting is if it used the GunCon controller that came with Time Crisis 4. Perhaps MS could see fit to add a gun controller to Kinect. Lord knows that it has enough dancing, excercise and mini game compilations. If it is ever to do something like this, using hands alone won't feel good enough.

Ive got the Wii versions and am happy with them, but if it comes out cheap enough and you have Move controllers, I would suggest getting this (as long as the conversion is smooth). These are actually rather good games - well worth your time.

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@TooWalrus said:

Were those games any good? They were like, Wii on-rails shooters, right?

I only played The Umbrella Chronicles, and it's quite good... for a light gun game (keeping in mind that it's not actually made for light guns, but whatever). Of course, it also manages to further screw up the already muddled and inconsistent Resident Evil lore, but that's a topic worthy of a 5 paragraph essay. I'm to understand Darkside Chronicles has too much shaky cam, but is otherwise the same kind of thing.

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