We're Probably Heading to China for Resident Evil 6

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#101 Posted by Carneous (32 posts) -

I want to high five Patrick for his excellent taste in Resident Evil games.

Don't think I can muster any hype for this announcement, despite my love for the series. Capcom doesn't seem to have fucking clue what do with their franchises lately. Can't wait for this game to be announced as a daylight action romp, outsourced to some second tier western studio.

#102 Posted by ptys (1984 posts) -

Ooooowwwhh, exciting!

#103 Posted by Sooty (8082 posts) -

Are they going to even try with a horror theme this time around or will it just be an average action game with RE characters and bad controls?

#104 Posted by Skanker (254 posts) -

Cue Wesker coming back, Las Plagas and an old character getting the shaft

#105 Posted by Brodehouse (10105 posts) -

For the record, the spear-shaking tribesman had an in-game explanation. The tribe in question was a preserve type deal, they traded with the outside world and lived peacefully. When Tricell arrived and infected them with Las Plagas, they regressed to base instincts and became outwardly hostile, same with the Ganados in RE4.

If anything about it is racist, it's white people like Aryan superman Albert Wesker arriving in Africa and immediately victimizing the population.

#106 Posted by vinsanityv22 (1064 posts) -

Releasing Resident Evil 1.5 would be insane and kinda awesome :) As, like, a PSOne Classic on the PSN? I do not agree with you often, Patrick, but I think that would be an interesting move.

Resident Evil 6 though? I'm not convinced. They took a long time to reinvent things with RE4, and it was very public (which was fine since it changed versions, like, 4 times. It's not like we're talking about Final Fantasy Versus here). If we haven't seen RE6 yet, than it's probably going to be another RE4/RE5 style thing. Or like that upcoming Resident Evil 3DS game. Capcom, if you're going to keep Resident Evil to action territory, you should resurrect Haunting Ground or Clock Tower than to provide some actual horror.

#107 Posted by Grillbar (1893 posts) -

theres really no other place left to go.

Next stop RE 7 india. bollywood edition you heard it here first

#108 Posted by BombKareshi (996 posts) -

How come I get redirected to a DELETE page when I click "Resident Evil 6"?

#109 Posted by Red Rum (16 posts) -

A couple of quick ideas for 6:

1.) First-Person View option or

2.) a set-piece where you play as a zombie (or at least a long cutscene from a zombie's POV)

I'd also like to see the Great Wall or the Forbidden City (or both) as levels.

#110 Edited by Thor_Molecules (732 posts) -

I thought this article was going to be about GiantBomb going on a roadtrip to China, to go hands-on with the new Resident Evil.


#111 Posted by Superfriend (1578 posts) -

Plenty of opportunity for plenty of nice uncalled for racism! Yeah Japan, you really don´t know what you´re doing sometimes :D I thought the racism thing (which was a fucking non-issue brought up by non-journalists) was the least of RE5´s problems.. I still think 5 felt rushed and nowhere near as refined as 4 did. Granted it did improve a lot of things from 4, but that was to be expected. The overall game just felt a little.. short and not very imaginative.

I hope they take their time with the next one. Maybe iterate on it a couple of times if the concept is kinda shitty.. if that is even possible in todays market situation.

#112 Posted by wardcleaver (173 posts) -
#113 Posted by Sekoku (84 posts) -

Hey, Capcom, if you feel like making a remake of Resident Evil 2, I'm 100% behind you. <---YES. PLEASE.

Or they could just release the long-cancelled Resident Evil 1.5 already. Man. <---Ditto this. Or the people that have the copies of the beta could finally fucking release it instead of sitting on it. :|

After the bad taste and gameplay choices that Biohazard 5 gave us, I want nothing to do with Biohazard 6 unless Jun Takuchi has been fired from the development team and they're focusing on what worked in Bio2 and 4.

#114 Posted by chrispti (225 posts) -

Great. Now the bleeding heart politically correct minority of gamers can complain that, because the zombies are Chinese, it is somehow "racist". You know... cause RE5 was racist because there were African zombies in... AFRICA..

#115 Posted by Boopie (191 posts) -

good God the Chinese will invade Nippon if this is true they can't allow such a slight at this moment in their ascendance

#116 Posted by Yelix (354 posts) -

The first 5 Resident Evil games showed me that the writers at Capcom have a very narrow view of what an American is. I can't wait to see their impression of China!

#117 Posted by BAUagent (28 posts) -

Well this should be good, I wonder how they'll put zombies and Chinese in a game.

#118 Posted by Parsnip (1114 posts) -

That's kind of a leap.
Because there are no Chinese people outside of China.

#119 Posted by Toxin45 (117 posts) -

@Parsnip: what about Ada

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