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Resident Evil REmaster REVIEW (PS4, XBO, PC) 0

Resident Evil is a name that brings a plethora of mixed feelings to my mind. The game was one of the first I ever played, and it opened my eyes to a genre of gaming I didn’t know existed. Capcom would go on to make sequel after sequel, never quite sticking to the same formula, tweaking and evolving it into something the more modern gamer could better enjoy. I’m here to tell you that for all the fun games like Resident Evil 4, and in my own opinion, 5, may be - None hold a flickering...

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Re Re-Enter the World of Survival Horror 0

The mid-90s saw a radical shift in the way video games looked and played, especially on consoles. The Playstation One was a fledgeling little machine that was capable of producing high polygon visuals the likes of which had only been previously seen on a PC. Capcom’s Shinji Mikami decided to design a game in the vein of Alone in the Dark, one of those fancy PC titles. It was going to feature all those high polygon counts as well as the concept of pre-rendered backgrounds; photo-realistic ...

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REmade and REmastered 0

Almost 13 years since the original GameCube release and a little over half a decade for the Wii port, Capcom has released REmake in the form of an HD remaster on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC. Despite more recent Resident Evil games aiming for a more action-oriented gameplay approach, REmaster is a rerelease of a game showcasing the series’ roots in survival horror. REmaster is more than just a port of a remake though, as Capcom has done a lot to touch up no...

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Fetch Zombo Fetch! 0

Resident evil on the Game Cube is a remake of the classic horror game of the same name originally released some five years prior (1996). While the game gets a major face lift it still holds on to enough of its precursors tropes to make it a hard game to enjoy thoroughly.  The game starts off with you playing as Jill or Chris, the last remaining survivors of S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics and Rescue Services) It is your job to investigate a creepy mansion where the prior team vanished mysteriously. ...

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A fun return to the roots of the series which offers a great example of how a remastered game be treated 0

The whole Resident Evil series as of late has been in the hit and miss categories. With critical flops like Operation Raccoon City and Resident Evil 6, it would seem that the series in on a decline. However Capcom has taken the risk of re-releasing the remake of the 1996 title that was a Game cube exclusive. While giving the game for the first time full wide screen accessibility, a HD 1080P graphical over hall and access to some new game modes, Capcom seems like they want to give new players a c...

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