#1 Posted by p0tet (56 posts) -

When i first played Fall of man, I was hyped about next-gen graphics and mechanics, but the game in it self didnt impress me, until me and a friend sat down and went through it together in coop-mode.

From what I've seen so far from R2, it havent really impressed me (if am allowed to compare it to farcry 2, wich blows my mind just thinking about it). As Brad said in the podcast, something feels wrong.
Still....Im hungry for some more Nathan Hale coop ownage!

#2 Posted by SarazinRuin (161 posts) -

It Looks good but who knows how it will turn out.

#3 Posted by drewm135 (259 posts) -

Yeah. I mean the original Resistance was a pretty generic shooter but it worked. I will definately buy R2 but I'm not really expecting it to beat anything like the (amazing) FarCry 2 or Killzone 2. I just want to fight that Leviathan so badly. And I totally agree, 8-player online co-op is frick'n awsome.

#4 Posted by Changgo (164 posts) -

I just played through Resistance:  Fall of Man for the first time.  It was entertaining, however, except for some interesting weapons, it didn't really standout.  That being said, I am looking forward to the sequel especially for the co-op and multiplayer options.

#5 Posted by LAPD (5 posts) -

I can't wait to play multiplayer.  I've seen the changes they've made from the first Resistance and the multiplayer is more organized.  I'm going to be using the 44 magnum all the time,  just shoot a bomb into someone and detonate it.

#6 Posted by StoneFury (9 posts) -

The footage I have seen reminds me of Half Life 2. Thats not a bad thing, just an observation.

#7 Posted by Tiago (91 posts) -

Resistance 1 was a decent launch game, Resistance 2 just doesn't do it for me. The gameplay videos have been a bit underwhelming so far, hope it turns out good though.

#8 Posted by coakroach (2493 posts) -

EEEEEEEERRRRRRRRR!!! *swats down chopper*

That is my current analysis of Resistance 2

#9 Posted by Batman (1018 posts) -

I have Resistance 1, but I've never really played it.  I don't think I've even beat the first level yet.  Its one of my priorities to do before Resistance 2 releases.

#10 Posted by DFILL450 (54 posts) -

Resistance 2 is probably going to blow 1 out of the water. The first one got boring pretty quick to me, so this one should be better.

#11 Posted by MrZeal (94 posts) -

I want to know more of it before I buy it. But I think I will buy it anyways, see, I have a problem with franchises... if the game is alright, I tend to buy all of them! Shame on me cause I bought Super Mario 2 years ago!


#12 Posted by AndrewGaspar (2559 posts) -

I have a lot of confidence in Insomniac to get it right.

#13 Posted by Gmanall (1707 posts) -

Resistance seems to be a "Good" game but lacks something really new to the gameplay. For example COD4 had the RPG stuff, Halo 3 have the playback feature, Bioshock had the Plasma. Before E3 it's biggest feature was it's ability to hold 60 players on the ps3 but then came M.A.Gs with four times that amount and then you are left with a good game but it won't stand out in the crowd. But maybe sometime in the future they will announce some game changing feature but as of now it seems like a "Okay Game".

#14 Posted by foolio_67 (52 posts) -

I'm really excited for it. I really enjoyed both the singleplayer and multiplayer portions of the first game, and this one looks like it will be better in every way.

#15 Posted by p4ddym1607 (1061 posts) -

I think it will be a really good game. The last one was pretty good for a launch game especially.

#16 Posted by SleazyCobra (25 posts) -
I'm waiting with open arms for this game and will gladly be there at launch to grab my copy
#17 Posted by brukaoru (5134 posts) -

That trailer at E3 wasn't impressive at all. Besides the big huge monster, the environments looked very bland and the actions looked all scripted. Looks like when you get to that part of the game, the same thing will happen each time. I can only hope that was a bad part they showed off, otherwise it's not too exciting. Of course, I will give it a chance once the price drops on it.

#18 Posted by solidphoenix (293 posts) -

If you're judging the game in graphics, then you are all very misguided and looking at the least developed aspect of Resistance 2 thus far.
Insomniac chose to fix the graphics last, so models, lighting, environments, draw distance, effects, guns and textures haven't been finished yet.
You're judging a game that's still in development, and the features themselves should be impressive enough.
Insomniac games always delivers, with the possible exception of Ratchet: Deadlocked, and I have faith that this title will turn out to be a high quality awesome title.

#19 Posted by Fusi (21 posts) -

Personally, in that stair sequence with the monster adding in a few of the Locust... Chimera will mean that it'll be a bit more exciting ^_^

#20 Posted by Homer (1366 posts) -
I thought that this game was great graphics and gameplay wise.
#21 Posted by TwoOneFive (9786 posts) -

not sure yet. the graphics, and the feel, im still unsure of where theyre going with this franchise. 

#22 Posted by Sentry (4198 posts) -

It will satisfy, mainly the MP.

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