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An Quick Summary of Resistance 2

Resistance: Fall of Man was one of my favourite PS3 games at the time. So when an sequel was announced, I was more than happy to pay top dollar for the game on Day One. Once I'd finished the game however I was left with an rotten taste in my mouth. I was extremely disappointed with the sequel. The Campaign had it's moments but they were few and far between. The game frustrated me with seemly impossible encounters and extreme linearity, all the magic from the original was gone, the wheel, Co-op (in the single player!) were no where to be seen. It seemed like Insomniac tried to 'Call of Duty'ise the game to make it appeal to the folk who play nothing to CoD. The thing is they're appealing to the wrong demographic and as an result, alienated most of it's fans. What started out as an cool setting in the first game: 'WWII with Aliens' quickly became the generic space marine saving the world setting that most shooters tend to adopt. Things from the first game like the mysterious 'Cloven' Faction & Rachel Parker are missing and are replaced by characters that you have no relationship too what so ever. The Multiplayer & Co-op are also mediocre & forgettable, with not a lot of incentive to keep playing (Unlocking new skins doesn't count, especially since it's an FIRST PERSON shooter and you'll only ever see your avatar when you die, if it hasn't been mutilated which happens a lot)  
Too many reviewers gave this game very forgiving reviews.     

Posted by sopachuco13

Nice short review. I am just about to start playing this game. I am saddened that there is not more information about the Cloven. I thought that the Cloven seemed like a pretty interesting story device. I'm interested in checking out the co-op though. It seems like a pretty fun waste of time. I think a couple of my friends still have this game, so we are going to try to get our own team going.

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