Resistance 3 multiplater beta still accessible?

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Resistance 3 multiplater beta still accessible?

I was browsing playstation store for fun and found resistance 3 multiplayer beta on the shooter section so i download it. it always say server timed out when matchmaking. kept on trying...... different time as well. im starting to think this multiplayer beta is obsolete already? then why would they still have it up on playstation store?

can someone confirm?

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They take those servers down day of release typically. No ones bothered to take it off the store yet.

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damm no wonder. my fat ps3 was broken at the time of r3 beta so i didnt have a chance to touch r3. now i got slim.... can no play beta. sony should keep up with whats in their ps store. waste time downloading for nothing.

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This is such bs this game is still in the store and I never even knew there was a new one months ago. So I jsut wasted 2 hours downloading something that dont exist. Bogus

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This is actually pretty funny.

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