What's your favorite Resistance game from the series?

#1 Posted by falserelic (5407 posts) -

Well I played all the resistance games except burning skies, and my favorite resistance game will have to be Resistance 3. I just beaten the campaign today and had a blast playing it. I like how the game is more like the first one. Where you get to keep all your weapons and find health packs to gain your health back. But anyway what's your favorite resistance game you've played?

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3 by far.

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Three. One is kind of interesting in some parts, mediocre in most, and two is something akin to a turd that's been digitized and put into FPS format.

OK, it's not that bad, it's got some cool boss fights and some great moments, but there are a lot of really, really bad moments spread liberally throughout the campaign.

The third one, on the other hand, sidestepped many modern FPS conventions and went for something special - a story about a shamed man who was trying to make the best out of what little he could. The first few hours of that game were so much more impactful simply because, aside from the fairly intense beginning, they weren't so much about shit exploding as they were about seeing this world that's fallen into ruin. In fact, most of the game was like that and while it wasn't exactly original, it was presented in a compelling manner. It doesn't hurt that it's mostly written well and its emotional moments come across as actually emotional and not completely half-assed or cheesy.

Do I think that Resistance 3 is perfect? Well, no, but it definitely towers over all of the other entries in the otherwise disappointingly mediocre series. Its story and especially the characterization of Capelli is far and away better than most any FPS has ever come close to.

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I have to go with 3.

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I liked three but I kinda really like the first one, I played so much of that multiplayer.

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Haven't played three or the portable games, so kind of a limited selection here, but I really did love the co-op mode in two.

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I still love everything about the first one the most. The PSP one was really fucking good too.

#8 Posted by Winternet (8088 posts) -

HA! Your favorite Resistance game. It's funny, because . . . you know.

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I've only played the first two and the PSP game. I wish I had finished up with three though, I mean, I wish I had played it, but it was one of the games I didn't play, or haven't yet. I like Resistance for the most part, but as an entirety, since none of them really look or feel the same in ways, they kind of felt insignificant for lack of a better word.

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My fave Resistance game is Midnight Resistance, had a lot of fun with that game as a kid.

edit: nevermind, I only just noticed you specified "from the series". I missed that part and thought we were discussing ANY Resistance games.

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I was actually surprised how much I ended up enjoying resistance 3. When it came out last year I didn't think it was going to be great. Because after playing the resistance 3 beta last year. I thought it was going to end up down the COD route. But after giving the game a chance I was wrong.

I like the upgradable badass weapons you get, and how you can be tactical in the game. The boss fights were cool and I like the character in the game. I found him more compelling and memorable then Nathan hale. I felt like I was going on mission that your probably not going to make it back home from.

The online is fun I had a blast playing it too. Especially sense you use the crazy weapons you get in the campaign.

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I played a lot of multiplayer in 2 and actually really liked it. 3 is probably the best of the series though, I would play more of the multiplayer in that but I've had more fun with Uncharted 3's multiplayer.

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I liked the first one, massively disliked the second and when I played 3 about a month or so ago I really quite enjoyed it until the end when the game seemed to overwhelm you with unfair amounts of tough enemies. If the game was a little less spammy in the later portions I'd almost say I loved it.

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@Hizang said:

I liked three but I kinda really like the first one, I played so much of that multiplayer.

I gotta agree with my man Hizang. The original was my first next gen game and my first experience with an online shooter. So it holds a special place in my heart. But 3 (despite the weak ass ending )was the best.

#15 Posted by wjb (1730 posts) -

Probably 3@Winternet said:

HA! Your favorite Resistance game. It's funny, because . . . you know.

I was originally going to say 3, but then I was like, "Favorite? lol, wut?"

Really good trick question, OP. You got me good!

#16 Posted by Gabriel (4090 posts) -

Two actually adds to the lore so that one, also the Co-op is amazing. Really disliked 3 because I felt it didn't take advantage of one of the coolest premises this generation.

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Resistance 3 is the only one that I played and liked.

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