First FPS Game on Vita, anyone getting it?

#1 Posted by dantad (24 posts) -

First FPS game on the vita! Always kinda enjoyed the Resistance games. Will probably get it on day one unless it gets slammed (like below 60%)

Has anybody heard anything about it?

#2 Posted by LethalKi11ler (1407 posts) -

@dantad: I am looking forward to the multiplayer more than anything but as you said, I'm waiting for the reviews.

#3 Posted by Spoonman671 (4637 posts) -

I like the Resistance games.  I'll be buying it.

#4 Edited by jakob187 (21671 posts) -

How was that Resistance game on PSP? Wasn't there one on PSP? Maybe I'm thinking of Killzone Liberation, but I could swear there was a Resistance one also.

*EDIT* - Nevermind. It was Resistance Retribution, and Brad apparently liked it.

*EDIT AGAIN* OH GOD! Upon digging deeper, it's being made by the same developer as StarCraft Ghost, Zombie Apocalypse, Marvel Imperfects, and some other not-so-great stuff. That kind of scares me.

#5 Posted by AltonBrown (950 posts) -

Still waiting for Gravity Rush.

#6 Posted by EarlessShrimp (1639 posts) -

story is kind of blah blah so far, but I'm not terribly surprised. I will say I'm loving the fluidity of the controls. It doesn't feel clunky at all, and I was surprised how easy it was to pick up a shooter on the psv... I don't think it's bad, just, nothing special!

#7 Posted by DubbleChrisp (4 posts) -

Had a couple days at work with nothing to do, so I blazed through the main story. My verdict is that it is a fun first person shooter with zero personality or story coherence. The first half is pretty varied, but by the second half, it's just clearing room after room of identically styled areas. Got pretty boring, and the final boss is annoying to say the least. Not even challenging in a good way. Just annoying.

#8 Edited by gunstarhero (67 posts) -

i just get the feeling its a psp game with touch features addon that get in the way of the game for me,story was ok but the graphics where no way near uncharted which i sat and played over 2 days and finshed this has turned out to be my toilet newspaper game :P,shame was realy looking forward to it and bit of a let down.i need to fin it fast so i can trade in and get £25 back.

#9 Posted by believer258 (11911 posts) -

Wait... this came out already?

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