mrsomeone77's Resistance: Burning Skies (PlayStation Vita) review

simple fun

So I was really excited to see a FPS like this finally hit a portable system! If I went back 10 years and showed this off to myself or practically anyone into games, heads woulda exploded from the excitement. But these days, reviewers, gamers, and critics in general have really expected way too much from their games. The gameplay here is fairly simple. You've played it before. It involves killing hordes of enemies on a pre-determined path. The story is nothing outstanding, but I never expected it to be. Movies and books tell good stories. If you want a really amazing story to go along with this game, don't consider picking it up. It's generic in it's story telling, and that's just fine in my book. Games are meant to be played, not watched with a bowl of popcorn...

I just wanted something fun. An FPS on the go that is a step up from the Doom and Wolfenstein stuff on the iPhone. The graphics are not mind blowing, but for a portable system, they are amazing. The screen glows with vibrancy as you run through the streets killing swarms of Chimera.

The dual sticks finally makes a game like this possible, and though some limitations are there after playing a home console (ie: not being able to push the stick in or have double the triggers), this is pretty dang close to a full fledged FPS from the big boy games.

Just please don't go in expecting that this will be on par with the PS3. It's not a PS3 game, and I doubt any Vita games ever will be. But to be able to play a competent, fun, and easy to pick up FPS on the go, this is jaw dropping. Just make sure to play on the difficult setting, as yes, the enemies are kinda easy and slow... thus why I couldn't give it a 5/5.


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