sopranosfan's Resistance: Burning Skies (PlayStation Vita) review

Better than the professionals are rating.

I'm not for sure if the reason for the low scores is because they compare this game to the console version or if they are hammering the overall score because the story isn't up to the level of other Resistance games. The only big negative I see is that the story is kind of generic and it isn't even bad it just isnt anything special so I do understand deducting for that. But the graphics look really good for a portable, second only to Uncharted. The multiplayer is really really good and having a lack of modes is fine with me because TDM is my favorite mode and deathmatch is probably my 4th favorite so I should be ok. I also find that a bunch of modes for a game outside the popularity of COD tends to kill the multiplayer because players get spread to thin. The only negative thing I have to say about the multiplayer is there is a glitch where occasionally if you die your "ghost" gets left behind and at least the person that killed you originally can continue killing your ghost and it will kill you wherever you actually are. I have only been able to do it twice and am pretty sure it happened to me on at least 2 different occasions but I don't think it happened more than 3-5 times. Finally, the controls and shooting feel really good when you consider the limitations of a handheld shooter, especially the first 1st-person shooter. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with the game and look forward to more shooters on the VIta.

I would personally rate it:


Gameplay: 8.5

Story: 6.5

Multiplayer: 8.5


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