cylemoore's Resistance: Jinrui Botsuraku no Hi (PlayStation 3) review

Great game for being 3 years old...

 Well to start off I did not buy this game on launch day, I've had my PS3 for almost 2 years now when I decided to pick up this game... I bought it last year when I saw Resistance 2 came out and thought to myself, well if this game warranted a sequel then I should probably try it out... and I decided to try and play some new original IPs since I am stuck loving only the ones I grew up playing: Zelda, Mario, Metal Gear, etc... all of the ones from previous generations before PS2 except for God of War, heck I just bought Ratchet & Clank Quest for Booty since it was on sale cause I wanted to get Tools since it is on greatest hits now just to see what it was about, but I haven't played it yet so that is a different story... but onto this game... The story started off pretty slow for me and it made me just want to hurry up and beat this game just to get it over with, but as I went on I finally got into the games story... Nathan Hale was pretty cool, even though he was rather stale in this game, but I've heard he gets better in R2... the story was cool too from back in the 1950s it kinda adds a different perspective to how life was back then and how the world would have changed if this really happened... if you own a PS3 and like FPSs, I am not the biggest fan of them but like them every now and then, you should get this game because it is pretty cool and an original new series that brought light into my 1980s-90s old school gaming...    


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