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R:FoM "used to be" a good game.

This game is one of my favorite FPS games.  Nathan Hale is my favorite character in this game because he plays a major part of the story.  The chimera race comes to invade the region of Europe, spreading around the world from there.  Nathan Hale and his squad is trying to stop the chimeras from taking over the world but throughout the game, Hale is half-chimera and half-human.  However, the chimera part gets worse as the story goes.. it's spreading like a virus and gets the worse out of Hale.  Hale is still stubborn and still fights for his people against the chimeras as he tries to find a drug that terminates the chimera virus in his body.  Play the game and you will see the ending.  
The multiplayer feature is my addiction, I used to play almost 40 hours a week and rounded nearly 10,000 matches played. 85,000 kills/32,000 deaths.  My favorite primary weapon is Fareye 23 (sniper rifle) and the secondary weapon is Carbine.  I also like to use ARC Charger, Auger, Bulleye, and LAARK but I do know a lot of hardcore players complain about a Bulleye rifle and a LAARK launcher because they're considered as "Noob Weapons" because it requires no skills to kill. 
  (a Bulleye rifle allows you to "tag" your target, the bullets will automatically follow and kill the tagged enemy within a second.  a LAARK launcher allows you to press the fire button, and the missile will fire but if you hold the L1 while the missile's in the air, it will open a couple of mini-missiles, detect the body temperature, and explode at least one enemy.) 
My maps would be Bus Yard 16 players, U.S.S Lexington 32 players, and Somerset 16 players. Team Deathmatch, Capture the flag, Meltdown, and Free for all.  
Right now, it's not popular anymore cause the online system isn't working very well unless you want to play in custom matches which isn't my thing. I prefer ranked matches cause it counts in the leaderboards and it's a fair game.  Most custom matches are set as "one-hit" mode which is kind of gay because that's no talent involved.   
I rate the story ( 7.0 ) I rate the multiplayer ( 8.5 )  
If you plan to play the Resistance 3 in September 2011, I suggest you play the first two sequels before you play the Resistance 3. Otherwise, you'd be confused with the stories.  
Wezaricus, an experienced and retired Resistance: FOM player

Posted by Zaber

excellent and impressive review, dude. 

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