traitor13's Resistance: Jinrui Botsuraku no Hi (PlayStation 3) review

Resistance is a great shooter, but doesn't reward well.

Resistance is the FPS launch title for the PS3 by Insomniac. You've read all the nice reviews about it, and rightfully so. However they fail to touch on these particular things: although you've defeated the game with great weapon selections, brilliantly designs levels, advanced A.I and trial and error, you won't be rewarded with something that'll draw you back to the game-- at least as far as the campaign mode is concerned. Skill points amount to Concept Art Packs and MP skins...which doesn't mean much when 11 Hybrids are breathing down your neck and you're getting shot through the walls. You'd like to have some body armor or anything to give you some tactical advantage in the field, but it doesn't happen. Don't get me wrong you'll shoot just fine, all controls are fine and active, gameplay is fluid, framerate is awesome, but single player campaign to work for skill points and be rewarded with something you can't USE on the second go-around means low-replayability. Unless you have lots of friends for the extensive Multiplayer (which is nice with Chimera vs. Humans), I'm not sure anyone would want to get shot at and die continuously to work for skill points that won't serve them any good. Great game, but lacking heavily in rewards.

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