Resistance where will it go if it goes somewhere

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i was wondering for those that did play these series should there be a Resistance 4 and what should it include id love to here ideas hopefully a 4th one comes out

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I think after Resistance 2 the series was losing its crowd. People just starting losing interest, and Resistance 3 wasn't really what people was hoping for. Then again there was other games being released that people found more interesting. If they do manage to make another Resistance game, it will probably be years from now.

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I only played resistance 1, it was actually the first ps3 game I ever owned and I really really liked it at the time. I didn't play R2 or R3 but I'm thinking i'll pick up R3 soon since it's cheap. I also got the resistance game for Vita which wasn't what I expected.

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I think it's dead. Never sold all that well and Insomniac has no interest in making another one (I assume sony feels the same way)

I never really liked the series all that much. 1 and 2 felt completely souless, the opposite of what I'd expect from Insomniac, and I never gave 3 a chance, though I hear good things

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@naru_joe93 said:

I think it's dead. Never sold all that well and Insomniac has no interest in making another one (I assume sony feels the same way)

Agree. Resistance 3 was in essence a reboot of the franchise and no one cared even though it was the best game in the series. In many ways the full realization of what I expected Resistance 1 to be. Once the Vita game bombed it was the final nail in the coffin.

#6 Posted by thebunnyhunter (1208 posts) -

Its a shame that this series is dead, Resistance 3 in genuinely really good (except that ending, insomniac should of just let the humans die off). But if there was another Resistance i would like it to be set in Europe again.

#7 Posted by Cold_Wolven (2167 posts) -

Never liked that universe so no I don't want anymore from that series.

#8 Posted by me3639 (1607 posts) -

I played all 3 and its a series that is in that category of great concept, story and ideas but not able to reach the masses or finalized product. While it may be dead, if its not resurrected there will be someone taking those ideas and using them in the next generation guaranteed. They are really good games but Insomniac needed some Naughty Dog help with character development and story to drive it to the next level.

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