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Doing for Defender what Geometry Wars did for Robotron? 0

I was a big fan of Mutant Storm Reloaded and Geometry Wars at the 360 launch, and enjoyed Super Stardust HD quite a lot when it came out during the PS3's first year, but I wasn't sure what I'd think of Resogun when I finally got my hands on it. When I was a little kid growing up, Asteroids was one of my favorite games. I hadn't played Robotron at the time, but the Asteroids connection was enough to sell me on those games, and they made me a big fan of the twin-stick shooter genre.While those gam...

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Arcade enthusiasm and a ceaseless firework sparkle brighten this shoot 'em up up. 0

It’s no doubt benefited by its enthusiastic emulation of the arcade classic, Defender, but Resogun is an engaging twin-stick shooter regardless. Smart additions and changes to Defender's formula make it one of the more satisfying shoot ‘em ups in recent years. Its hectic arcade gameplay is straightforward, even more so if you’ve played its inspiration.Defender was a brutal quarter guzzling game of the early arcades. It was a sidescrolling shoot ‘em up in which defending Earth was the name of the...

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A brilliant and addictive arcade shooter 0

Resogun may very likely be the first game that most owners of a PS4 play, it comes for free with PS Plus, a service that most everyone who will be doing significant gaming on their console will probably pick up. It's an arcade shooter, very much in the vein of Super Stardust HD from the PS3 launch. The fact that the same development team worked on Resogun is very apparent, and that is by no means a bad thing.The core gameplay of Resogun has you flying your ship on a 2D plane circular plane mappe...

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