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Weird doesn't begin to describe it 0

Resonance of Fate is an interesting game, to say the least.  It boasts a mature and dark art style with a thoroughly Japanese style of humour and a punishing level of difficulty.  In addition to all that, this game has a learning cliff more than a learning curve.    This will appeal to a very specific type of gamer, one that may not necessarily be aware of from a basic look at the game.  The game, at first glance, seems to be something of a gritty blend of western-style gunplay and JRPGs norms. ...

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Messy, but addictive JRPG 0

Resonance of Fate is one of those little games that fell into a black hole amidst a release of other high profile titles. With a release only a week after FFXIII, it was easy to ignore another JRPG, and it’s too bad since Resonance of Fate is a pretty decent game for fans of the genre. However, anyone else will likely see this as a convoluted mess. The story is a bit of a mixed bag. The high points are the great moments injected with humour, where you see the main characters to interact with ea...

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Resonace Of Fate Review 0

  Perception is an interesting thing. What one person may see as a good thing, the person sitting next to them may see it as a crime against humanity. The reason I say this is because I looked at the box for Resonance of Fate, the latest RPG from TRI-ACE and SEGA, and perceived game that is very Japanese and not Final Fantasy and therefore a game that is not very good. Oh, how wrong I was.  Resonance of Fate tells the story of Vashyron, Zephyr and Leanne, three hunters in the world of Basel – a ...

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You're gonna have more holes than a beehive! 0

The JRPG genre has been pretty stagnant in my opinion since it's heyday through the PS1/PS2 era.  Resonance of Fate still maintains a lot of that feel - you explore various town areas, talking to NPCs that say really weird, off the wall stuff, you visit shops, and you get into random encounters with strange looking monsters that look like they were pulled out of an M.C. Escher painting.  And of course the plot ascends to the highest levels of ridiculousness, and yes, there is much talk of God.  ...

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An in-depth review 0

  Resonance of Fate is a strategy role-playing game that offers a deep but complex battle system, set in an obscure world with a great and amusing cast of characters, that offers hours of fun, for those who like a challenge. After a slightly disorienting opening sequence, we're introduced to the main cast of the game, Vashyron, Zephyr and Leanne (Reanbell in the Japanese version of the game) a small group of guns for hire. Despite being very Japanese, Resonance of Fate features a rather ...

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Resonance of Fate Does one thing really well. The rest, eh 0

I could tell you Resonance of Fate is a fantastic game, but that would be lying. That is not to say, however, that it is a bad game, but with major elements of what makes a great game falling short of the mark, I am hard pressed to recommend this title as a must play. To focus on what the game does right however, Tri-Ace, no stranger to the role-playing genre (see Star Ocean III) decided to buddy up with Sega to make something a bit more unique. Stripping away a lot of what makes a typical entry...

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Wild, Weird and Wacky 0

Given its release date many people have compared this game to Final Fantasy XIII. You really can't, it would be like comparing an apple with a banana, and Resonance of Fate is definitely a banana.  The game has an odd structure, peculiar characters, a complex combat system which drops you in right at the deep end and says sink or swim and a plot which seems to make ever less sense the deeper you get into the story. For a casual gamer this one is never going to a winner.  If you preserver however...

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A Spray-and-Pray Bullseye 0

Just when you thought that JRPGs have stepped on the path of streamlining out the complex gameplay that gets in the way of lavish cutscenes and ruins proper pacing, Resonance of Fate comes along to reaffirm that the genre's signature obsession with arcane battle mechanics and busywork is still alive, kicking, and most importantly, not a bad thing at all. The game combines this traditionalism with an uncommon aesthetic and fun sensibilities to provide a familiar, yet still refreshing play experi...

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"One of the better JRPGs released this gen without a doubt *No Sp 0

As an opening let me just let it be known that this ISN'T your typical JRPG with classic based gameplay and cheesy "Follow your heart, love will prevail!" dialogue throughout the entire story. If you're looking for game that is based around it's great battle system and a plot that's really going to make you explore and think then this is your game.Story: 7/10For many, the story was lackluster at best but if you really try to seek it out through talking to NPC's it'll make sense. The plot takes p...

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Great Combat! 0

I only picked this up recently, its unfortunate release, almost simultaneous with the highly disappointing FF13 meant that for anyone other then hardcore fans of the genre this title went unseen. A what a shame because this is the far superior game.Explaining why this game is so good is actually quite difficult. The combat system is the standout feature of this game, while I don't think its quite as complicated as some reviews I've seen imply, it has plenty of depth, and requires skill and tacti...

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