So is there anyway to change the resolution?

#1 Posted by yoshimitz707 (2453 posts) -

I can't seem to find any options.

#2 Posted by Rmack (1078 posts) -

@yoshimitz707: Well, kinda. Gemini Rue had this same problem (I think). If you run "winsetup" in the folder it's installed in (if opted for a Steam Key like me, Steam>steamapps>common>Resonance), the "graphics filter" drop-down will change the resolution (look in the upper left). It does technically change it, but doesn't make too much of a difference. I recommend using the run in window setting.

#3 Posted by CaLe (3985 posts) -

If you're trying to increase the resolution in the hopes that it will look 'better' you shouldn't bother. It looks like that on purpose.

#4 Posted by yoshimitz707 (2453 posts) -

@CaLe: The game itself looks fine, but the start screen text is so gross looking.

#5 Posted by yoshisaur (2723 posts) -

@yoshimitz707: I don't think so, the games art is intentionally that way to please fans of the genre's past. However, I am almost positive there is a resolution hack many people use when playing these type of games just to help make it fit better on the monitor.

Anyone remember what it is exactly I'm talking about?

#6 Posted by inappropriate_touchscreen (58 posts) -

Like said above, use the graphics filters to double or quadruple the pixels (nearest neighbor). Don't use anti-aliasing though, since it makes everything blurry.

#7 Posted by rrcplus (18 posts) -

if you're using steam you could also play it windowed it you go to properties > launch options and type in "-windowed" without the quotation marks.

It doesn't change the resolution but it that made the game more enjoyable for me. :)

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