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A reverberating echo from the golden age of adventure games. 1

Wadjet Eye Games wants to live in a world where the adventure game genre never suffered the Black Death of FMV-ridden, incredibly obtuse puzzles that robbed it of its vitality for so long. It's content to pick up where the adventure game's golden age left off, with the gloriously rendered sprites of LucasArts' (then LucasFilm) and Sierra's stalwart heroes exploring well-realised worlds following well-told stories. Wadjet Eyes' earlier works, such as The Shivah and Gemini Rue, managed to craft eq...

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Resonance Review: Long Term Memory 0

Whoever said "they don't make 'em like they used to" when it comes to videogames probably hasn't played Resonance. This new but decidedly retro point 'n click adventure game looks like it came straight out of the early '90s, when the genre was at its peak, driven by then-giants Sierra and LucasArts. It looks old, but feels mostly modern, thanks to smart puzzle design, a sharp script and solid voice acting to back it up. It flounders in all these areas every once in a while, but in sum it's a rem...

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Starts good, but completely derails 2/3 into the game 0

[Some mild spoilers might follow]Resonance is a point&click adventure released by Wadjet Eye in 2012. The story follows four characters and their connections with a new powerful new scientific discovery that might be very dangerous in the wrong hands.Like most Wadjet Eye games the graphics suffer a bit from their old-school 320x240 resolution, but looks otherwise quite polished. The game is also voiced and the voice work is solid. The game however limits itself to only voice actual dialog an...

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