I'm starting to wonder...

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Are the legal issues with Activision taking away from their current project? Will we ever see a game come out of this studio, or will this turn out like another John Carmac situation?

Big name talent working with a large team, large budget, but apparently no time line. I'm sure EA had to agree to give them almost total freedom to sign them, and from what I've seen in the past this leads to a breakdown in urgency, long delays and in the end not that great of a game.

They've released a website, one blurry image, and a forum that is mostly dead except for some occasional Activision / COD Hate.

What do you think is the current situation with these guys?

PS: I have no idea why I needed to write this...

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I would bet that they are waiting to see the verdict in the lawsuit before announcing anything, since they may loose profits if a judge rules in Activisions favor. They might also be waiting for the next console generation at this point.

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E3 tends to suck up all major announcements, and especially if one of the console makers signed an exclusive deal for their next game it'll be big news to wow the E3 crowd for the unveil.

Also, as we approach the next generation of consoles devs can't reveal their next gen games before the console makers reveal them.

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patience. from what I figure, they are either still team-building or taking the time necessary to devise a new world that would be a hit with millions of gamers

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