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Study in the mind of a game freak. 0

  Retro Game Challenge is about the Game Master, a man who drowned his sorrows in 8-bit video games to suppress his self-esteem issues. The levels of his party in Final Fantasy would rise inversely with his dipping grades, and he had an anger problem pent up from a libido no woman would want to satisfy. Ultimately, his parents would delete his World of Warcraft account, and this leads the man taking his own life using a controller wire. However, the ESRB would never give an E rating to such a c...

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Time travel back to the Glory Days 0

There’s a fun television show from Japan called Game Center CX, where a comedian named Shinya Arino tries his hand at popular video games.  Fans can wax nostalgic as the host plays popular titles, particularly those from the original 8-bit Nintendo, which were usually pretty tough.  In Retro Game Challenge, the tables are turned when Arino sends the player back to the ’80s to play a variety of games lovingly based on classics from that era.  Although the games themselves are ...

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Game Center CX: Arino no Chousenjou (DS) review 0

Game Center CX: Arino no Chousenjou is based on the popular Japanese video game show, Game Center CX. It stars comedian Shinya Arino who tries throughout an episode to complete a video game, typically from the Famicom (NES) and Super Famicom (SNES). Hilarious antics ensue when Arino reacts to his defeats and triumphs over these typically difficult games. This DS game attempts to recreate the feeling of the 8-bit Nintendo days with eight games that were specifically created for this title. All e...

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Out with the old, in with the... old? 0

When I think about the NES days, I remember some of my favorite gaming moments. If I sit here and try to come up with my favorite titles, over 50 different games pop into my head almost immediately. Back in those days, the games were simple and fun. Everything was focused on gameplay, and nobody ever took the time to worry about the bells and whistles… mostly because there weren’t any. Fast forward a couple decades and now gameplay tends to take a backseat to all the other factors in the game.Th...

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Rewinding the gaming clock. 0

Being born in 1989, I never experienced the 8-bit era of gaming. While my collection consists of classics from Bionic Commando to Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out, I never had the pleasure of walking into a store and buying a brand-new NES game. I could preach about the Super Nintendo’s excellence all day, but the aesthetics of 8-bit games are undeniably charming and refreshingly archaic. Thankfully, the release of Retro Game Challenge on the Nintendo DS was more than enough old-fashioned goodness for my ...

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Very fun retro game. 0

This game focuses on reaching specific goals in old fashioned retro style games. The game play is simple but addictive at times and it's pretty neat how much it reminds me of my youth, although admittedly i was born in 1984 so the games at the later end of the game which i haven't reached are probably more like the ones i played. I'm looking forward to the sequel....

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The best games you've never played 0

Retro Game Challenge is retro gaming bliss. The best retro game collection released in decades is made up entirely of fake games, many outright clones of titles you may have grown up with. Scandal? Hardly. The brilliance, and at times abject parody, not to mention the quality of the designs, art, music, even the dialog (dialog in a retro collection? yes, and it's great!), add up to what would have been my game of 2008 had it released mere months ago. I find it hard to imagine anyone spurning s...

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Fun, but you'd better like retro gaming. 0

If you like retro gaming, chances are that you got really excited when you heard about Retro Game Challenge and got even more excited when you started seeing the first media that slipped onto the 'net. The final product doesn't exactly disappoint, but it's not really that deep. There really aren't more than five games here, which means that things really can get repetitive quickly. Haggle Man and it's first "sequel" are almost entirely the same. Rally King's "special edition" followup Rally King...

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