Anyone else play this at PAX11?

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I checked out Retro/Grade at PAX this year. It was up on the 6th level in the indie section. Also, it turns out that they guy explaining it all to me was the guy who did the Quick Look with Ryan (said he was a big fan of GB, even saw him in line for the GB panel). Anyway, despite the fact that my Guitar Hero/Rock Band skills are a little rusty, the game seemed really cool. It was a little odd playing in reverse but at a certain point you find a rhythm. The music (all original, he said) was really nice too. Also, the top high scorers during PAX are gonna have their names in the credits. I'm looking forward to the game's release. Any thoughts?

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Did he say anything about the release date?

#3 Posted by Meptron (1175 posts) -

it seems like this game has been on the verge of being released for a really long time.

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@Tearhead: IIRC, his response was "when it's ready," so I said "oh, it's like the Valve/Blizzard model." He laughed and said "yeah, pretty much."

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