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In Return to Castle Wolfenstien: Operation Resurrection players assume the role of BJ Blazkowicz, an OSS Agent in World War II. You are told of Hitler and his General's Helga Von Bulow and the head of the SS special projects divisions, Wilhelm Strasse. They are experimenting with advanced things such as new weapons and vehicles, but they also are exploring the world of the occult. Demons and Zombies play a role in the World War II spin-off. You will be tasked with the responsability to stop these monsters in there tracks and destroy their makers. BJ battles Nazi's, tanks, monsters and zombies as he fights to the experimental labs to kill the head of the SS. You are captured at one point early on and are sent to the Castle itself, in which the Nazi's have kept people held and killed or experimented with. Operation Resurrection is a port of the PC release of RTCW, but with all multiplayer options stripped. It also included a new intro chapter that takes place in North Africa, where players even explore tombs of undead, and chase the Nazi's around the catacombs of deathtrap ridden Africa. The game then sends you to Castle Wolfenstein, and the rest is the same from there.

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