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Rock Band 2 Review

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Rock Band 2 offers a great package of new music and a bunch of great enhancements to the core game that make it a terrific purchase whether you're already well-versed in the genre or looking to get started.

Yeah, it still looks like Rock Band.
Rock Band 2 isn't a vast overhaul of the Rock Band formula. Instead, it's a set of intelligent updates to the progression and periphery of the game designed to make sure you get to see the cool stuff, regardless of how you're playing. If you spent a serious chunk of time trying to play Rock Band with other players, you probably remember how much of a pain it could be to get the right band members together into the right band, or how much of a hassle it was to play the Band World Tour mode when you were missing a key member. All of that madness is gone, replaced by smart solutions that are almost enough to make the first game obsolete.

The streamlining done to the Band World Tour mode makes it the main way to play, regardless of the number of players available. You can play it alone, or with up to three other players. Also, those additional slots can be filled with any mixture of local and remote players. So if you and two friends want to play and no one wants to sing, you should be able to hit "find players" and get matched up with a willing vocalist online.

Beyond making it easier to get a group together, the World Tour hasn't changed too much. It's still about going from city to city, earning upgrades like a bus or a plane, playing mystery setlists, and building your band up by earning fans, money, and stars for performing. In addition to unlocking new cities to play, you also unlock the ability to hire staff members, which can give you a bonus to the number of fans you get, or give you more special opportunities, like charity shows or music video shoots. If you mainly played this mode in the original Rock Band, you won't see a ton of changes here. You will see more of the little things that make the entire game seem like it was crafted by a passionate group of people that really understand the subject matter. When you see your band's new merchandise girl described as an "unofficial band den mother... a den mother who is always trying to make out with you," it's plainly obvious that these people have been there. That really goes a long way.

The new guitar has sensors on it that make calibrating your setup a snap.
You use your created band in more ways this time around, including a set of local challenges that give you a tiered set of things to complete. This concept goes online with the new Battle of the Bands mode, which has the potential to be a very big hook that keeps you coming back. With Battle of the Bands, the designers back at Harmonix are able to configure and launch timed challenges with a variety of criteria. You're able to participate in the challenge again and again, with your best performance going on the leaderboard for that challenge. The challenges seem to be really configurable, ranging from individual songs to sets that include songs from Rock Band 2, the original game, or downloadable content. Some challenges are locked to solo performances on specific instruments, while others let you take any number of players in. Some of them force specific difficulties, or keep score in alternate ways, such as the longest streak on guitar, or the number of stars earned over the course of multiple songs.

Even if you don't really care about the gameplay changes, Rock Band 2 is still a good value if taken merely as a set of new songs. The game comes with over 80 songs on the disc, and they're all from the original artists. There's a lot of variety covering multiple decades and genres, and you can check out our info page on the game for a full song list. Some of my favorites include Round and Round by Ratt, Spoonman by Soundgarden, and Cool for Cats by Squeeze. The key to the material is that most of it's actually fun to play. It's a true testament to how much fun playing the game actually is that it can make you forget that Paramore is, you know, awful. Heck, even the kind-of-bad new Guns N' Roses song that makes its legal debut in the game is OK in the context of the game.

The game also comes with a code that will be used to download an additional 20 songs. The details on what those songs are and when they'll be available haven't been announced yet. The code does seem to be a one-time use sort of deal, though, so consider that if you're thinking about buying a used copy.

You'll occasionally get to shoot a music video, which results in some different on-screen effects.
Rock Band 2 is probably the smartest music game to date when it comes to handling songs from previous games. The game contains the same music store interface that was patched into the original game, and anything you might have purchased for the first game is automatically made available in Rock Band 2. Additionally, you can take your original Rock Band disc and purchase an export license for five dollars. This lets you copy all but a few of the songs from the first game onto your hard drive, and Rock Band 2 sees those just like it sees downloadable tracks. That means that you could have hundreds of songs available to you all in one game. It's a daunting list when you see it all scrolling in front of you on the song select screen, but the game lets you sort the songs in a number of different ways to make it easier to find what you want. The game mixes the old stuff into the game pretty well, occasionally including it in mystery setlists and letting you choose it at will when creating a set of songs or just playing the quickplay mode.

Outside of the new songs and gameplay changes, the game also has a hidden, sinister motive: it's trying to create a world of drummers. Though just playing the game and working your way through the different difficulties would make you more able to work both arms and one foot with more style and expertise, Rock Band 2 has a drum trainer mode that lets you try your hand at playing different drum parts and fills at different tempos. The fills seem more focused on making you not sound awful whenever a freestyle fill section shows up in the real game by giving you a variety of ideas on fills. The main mode is more focused on a handful of different beats. If you can get 100 percent on a beat, it'll light up and be marked as completed. There are achievements based on completing tracks at either the middle or higher tempos. Getting more practice on the drums will certainly make you a better Rock Band drummer. And it's almost guaranteed that once you learn that level of coordination, you'll be able to approach a real drum kit with a slightly higher rate of success. But there's nothing here to explain to you what you're doing wrong, and nothing there to really teach you how to keep an internal tempo. So the drum trainer may assist in the creation of a nation of drummers... but we'll all be playing to click tracks.

This pedal feels quite a bit sturdier than the old one.
The hardware has also undergone another round of revisions for Rock Band 2. The drums are now wireless, requiring three AA batteries for power. The drums are substantially quieter than the kit that was initially issued alongside the original game, and the pads are velocity sensitive. That means the drums know if you're hitting them softly or wailing away, but this doesn't really have any impact on the gameplay. The kick pedal, prone to breaking on the original kit, appears to be made of much sterner stuff this time around. The guitar, also wireless, is a redesigned version of the original. The strum bar feels a lot better and, overall, the whole thing feels much sturdier and resistant to damage than the previous guitars did.

Also new on the guitars is a sound and light sensor that you can use to calibrate the audio/video lag on your setup. Before, you sort of had to eyeball this stuff, with varying results. Now, you hold the guitar up to a speaker for an audio check, then up to the TV for a series of flashes that check the visual latency. This new method appears to be totally successful--I tried it on a few different HDTVs with perfect results every time. While you could certainly get a nearly identical experience with your old hardware, if you're thinking of switching to the new stuff, it's totally worth it.

Considering how serious Harmonix and MTV have been when it comes to post-release support via weekly song downloads, the initial announcement of Rock Band 2 caught me off guard. Aside from being a method for offline players to acquire music, it didn't seem necessary at all. But with its large library of licensed master recordings and vastly improved approach to multiplayer play, Rock Band 2 is a terrific value at both ends. It's both a must-own for fans of the genre and a great place for new players to get started.

Editorial Disclosure: We are pretty good friends with a guy who has his name in the credits of this game. The editorial staff of Giant Bomb feels that this review is free from bias, but then, you're always the last one to know if you, yourself have a bias.
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mind blowin' game and review. awesome!

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Awesome review Jeff.

I'm totally getting this, too bad the bundle doesn't come out 'til October.

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looks great....unfortunately living in australia im still waiting for the first rock band........why ill nver know....

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Great review. Picking this game up today.
I'm actually quite tempted to wait and purchase the bundle even though I don't need it at all. But  damn that new guitar and improved drums looks nice.

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... >> *really big fan of Paramore*

Nice review, Jeff. Kind of makes me wish the PS3 disc-only copy came out today. PSN already has the $5 transfer key up for some reason, I feel like the proverbial carrot is being dangled in front of me. 

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Awesome! I was rooting for it!

Now I must figure out how to ship it to where I live and without paying 3 times the game's value.

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Nice review. I'm still deciding between this and GH: World Tour.

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Sounds like it'll be worth the maddening wait.  I've been jonesin' hard for months.  A copy of the game for the "Rock Band Station" we have at work arrives on Monday.  So I'll finally get to play it then.   The hard part will be waiting for my personal bundle to ship next month with the new instruments.

Now if only they'd hurry up and release the "Texas Flood" DLC, I could stop chewing my nails and get some sleep at night.

Instead of writing Giant Bomb comments at damn near 1 AM.

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Good review. Definitely picking this one up.

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I like the structure of the review this time around. Good job. *mumers* you biased bastered :P

I Should go get rock band 2 and go rent rock band 1.

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This review is SOO basis,if Alex wsn't working for harmonix it would clearly be a 2 star review


BTW,nice review (I guess.............)

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lol i thot u guys werent gonna review the game because itd be intellectual bias?

but regardless of whether alex worked on the game or not u'd probly give it 5 stars anyways i have a feeling itll be a great game and the techincialities behind the review aside, the review seems to prove just that!

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All I wanna know is, do we see a picture of Alex in the credits of the game? And if so, is the picture awesome?

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All they need to do now is release it here in Aus somewhere in the next 3 years.

Or at least unlock the DLC for the region for the imported versions.

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No Video Review?

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Awesome review! Alex Navarro is Awesome! (Jeff, you're awesome too)

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Best review ever!!1

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(Navarro hands Jeff a wad of cash) :P

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Great disclosure at the end, thanks for that.  You free to say what tracks don't cross over to the new game?

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ZOMG Bias! :)

Aaand the smiley makes it alll ok.  Seriously though, sounds awesome, looks like i'll be cancelling my GHIV pre0order in favor of this, although I might just wait and see, having spent a LOT of money on these games (bought everything except GH Aerosmith and GH DS) already. Might just wait and see how 'compatable' the drumkits and guitars really are with each game.

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*Killer Instinct Announcer Voice*

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AWESOME! Can't wait to get this! Great review as always, Jeff!

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ahahah I liked the editorial disclosure at the end. Nice review man, the only problem is that I have no idea when to expect it out in australia

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Good review. Still getting GH:WT instead though. Mostly because I like GH better, but also because this probably won't hit the stores in Norway for a long time.

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Well it sounds like it's the goods, but how long will it to to come out over here in the UK 6 months like last time.... I hope not.

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you think this might  be a know...tiny...GIGANTIC conflict of interest?

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Jeff, next time Giant Bomb talks to Alex, ask him why the hell we don't have Rock Band 2 in Australia!

We don't even have Rock Band yet.

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Actually, I have a better question to ask.

Does the game work on PAL consoles?

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Nice review Jeff. Though probably won't see a European release till sometime 2009! so I guess I'll go with Guitar Hero: World Tour! Seems Activision can actually distrubute games WorldWide unlike HMX!

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lol, I love the Disclaimer

Great Review Jeff!

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I don't know how tight Jeff Gerstmann and Alex Navarro are, but couldn't this be considered a little bit of a conflict of interest?

EDIT: Ah...didn't see the disclaimer at the bottom at first. Good job GB for getting that out there.

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this isnt change its more of the same. 

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Rockband 2 hey! only just had Rockband here in the happy UK!!

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Nice review but I have the GH World Tour band kit pre-ordered already. And I don't have that much money right now.

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Great review, Jeff.

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We trust you, no bias :)

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I am sure Alex is probably looking at his monitor now, and laughing maniacally.

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Great review! I'm definitely getting this next week. I can't wait.

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Oh I can't wait for this game! I just hope it comes out in the UK soon after the US release.

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Sounds like a great review and a great game, cant wait for this!

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Great review, really want to pick this game up. Looking forward to it!

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Picking the game up at 11am :)

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i dont know something with biast is hitting here.

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*Sigh* i wish this would come out over in the UK Sooner! because damn Rock Band 1 left me dissapointed with the single player.

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Nice review Jeff. I'm getting the bundle for this as soon as I get my Xbox!

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Why only 5?
This game deserves atleast an 8.

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Awesome review, really makes me want to get the game.