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The Last Guy is an interesting game, but there's not enough to it to make it a good game.

Getting survivors to the escape zone is your only goal.
The Last Guy is a fascinating game that exemplifies Sony's dedication to the sort of left-of-center downloadable releases that you just don't see anywhere else. While it's cool in a "sort of crazy Japanese game that you don't expect to see in English" way, the game runs out of steam well before you've finished the last level.

It's a top-down maze game that you could peg as a modern update on the classic arcade maze games, like Pac-Man, or the not-so-classic games where you lead strings of helpless individuals to safety, like Flicky. You play as the potential savior of humanity, The Last Guy. You run around a top-down world, with levels based on aerial photography of real-life locations, like Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco, or sections of Washington DC, Santa Fe, Berlin, Yokohama, and so on. Your task is to collect surviving humans and return them to a safe zone. You must collect a set number in a set amount of time to complete each level. The humans themselves are hiding out in buildings, so you'll need to run near the entrance of each building to get them to come out and join your parade of survivors.

Why are they hiding? Zombies. It seems that a big purple ray was fired at the Earth, turning everyone who was outside into some sort of horrific creature. The zombies will spook your survivors and send them scattering back into nearby buildings if your line collides with a bad guy. You'll also have to deal with multiple types of evildoers. The normal zombie shambles around slowly, picking up the pace in your direction if he sees you, but his eyesight isn't so great. You'll also deal with giant bugs that scurry around the roads, other giant bugs that creep in your direction if they spot you, a big zombie who shouts every so often, spooking humans back into hiding, and so on. This makes each level a little different, but they all come down to finding a path through the level and, above all, hurrying. You have a couple of moves to assist you, including the ability to sprint and the ability to bring up the rear and gather your crowd into a huddle, which is handy if some of them are standing directly in harm's way.

There are a few pick-ups, named VIP citizens that give you a bonus when collected, and a handful of extra levels that you can see if you do really well on the regular ones, but that's roughly it. The game tabulates your score after a successful run and uploads it to an online leaderboard, and you either move on or try again for a better score. It's not bad, but after around three levels of this, I was more than ready to move on.

Save dudes, dodge zombies.
The game has a rare sense of style to it that makes you quickly realize that the developers were probably cracking each other up the entire time they were making the game. But sadly, most of the coolest things about The Last Guy don't actually exist in the game itself. Prior to its release, Sony posted a tool that would let you turn any website into a little Flash version of The Last Guy. That sort of custom, on-the-fly level generation would totally save the full game--being able to generate levels out of any Google Maps image or something like that would have been a very cool gimmick. The other is a wild interview with a group of guys who pretend to be the game's developers while talking up the importance of curry and math and have a goat in their office. If the full game had more of that spirit in it, it'd be a much better game, overall. Instead, it gets by with its deliberately retro look and feel, which works reasonably well but can't carry the overall package.

While you could say that there's nothing quite like The Last Guy--well, beyond the Work Time Fun minigame that the whole thing was based on--its unique feel doesn't make it a great purchase at $9.99. If you're really interested in the quirky sort of stuff that Sony's been occasionally putting out on the PlayStation Network, you'll probably get a kick out of this. But you'll probably get that same kick out of the game's free, one-level demo. Go with that first.
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Posted by yaoigamer

I agree! Love the demo though.

Posted by Emandudeguyperson

Looks kinda cool.

Posted by deaux

Oh ironknight, keep trying buddy.

Posted by SolidKnight

Cool. I love Sony's PSN Games. Its not like everything else.

Posted by Snipes424

Yeah, I agree with Jeff's Review.  You have to give props to Sony for "going outside of the box" when it comes to making PSN games, but this game probably could of been a little better, it's still good, but not great.

Posted by Ninja

I as a Ninja feel the lack of slealth kills in this game is dissapointing.

Posted by quezcotl
Posted by nasie

I love this game, 230/235. !

Posted by Kohe321

Good review, the demo was cool, but I agree - the full game doesn't deserve more than 3 stars

Posted by Jimbo_N

Alright. Thanks for clearing that up, I almost switched my HDMI cable to my PS3 again just to download this. Guess I wont have to. I gotta get a TV with 2 HDMI ports some day...

Posted by JamesK

Would like to try it out. Shame I don't have a PS3.

Posted by mubress

The demo was pretty good, but I was bored even before i finished that tbh, so probably not for me.

Posted by notworksafe

I dug the demo, so I'll probably end up buying the game. If nothing else it's a fun little diversion to pass the time.

Posted by Thejugglingbum

Not worth $10 but it would totally be worth $5

Posted by PLWolf

It is pretty much a one trick pony, but I've enjoyed my time with it and it is a great pick up and play game. I bought it, to support the developers and to say we want more quirky games like this, and the PixelJunk games. Love it

Posted by coonce

ifffy? i'm coming downstairs to check it out.... looks a little repetitive :/

Posted by aurahack

I think it's plenty worth it's 10$ price tag. It's quirky, it's funny, the music is addictive and so is the gameplay. Not to mention this would be perfect for some good DLC content. It is a one-trick pony but who cares. I've enjoyed it more than I've enjoyed most full-priced retail titles this year. 

Posted by CraigAA1028

I have such problems with downloadable games, including this one. I download them, play a few times and like it, then NEVER play it again. Bye bye hard earned money.

Posted by jollywhitegiant

The game is a lot of fun to play... but only for short periods at a time. It can't really hold my attention for my than 10-20 minutes.

Posted by ocdog45

I downloaded it and like it alot. its not 5 stars i agree, but still vicious.

Posted by Razorbak86

I wanted to like this game... I really did... but I absolutely HATED the demo. The stupid tips that kept popping up every 5 seconds, stopping gameplay, could not be bypassed. IMO, this completely ruins the demo. I tried a couple of play-throughs, and then just deleted the damn thing from the hard drive, simply because of those annoying tips.

Posted by Patchinko

If you liked the demo, you'll like the game.

If not, there you have it.

The thing that keeps it going is really the unique aspect of each level. As you advance, the next level inevitably has a new gimmick that keeps it interesting.

Anyway, I'm enjoying it. Admittedly, it's a Work Time Fun minigame fleshed out and made up with a lot of levels, but the overhead view and use of real locales helps keep it interesting along with the gimmicks.

Posted by TwoOneFive

i actually really enjoyed this game. i would have given it the same score or even 4 stars though. i thought it was really fun. i imagine if pacman came out today you'd give it the same score huh?

Posted by kratos

I hate that Jeff hates all abstract games on the PSN.

Posted by Sekoku

Oh, come on! You give Castle Crashers an extra star over this? At least this doesn't charge you $5 extra for the short bits of fun it is.

I think Jeff should just come out and say he's a 360 fanboy.
Posted by Afroman269

@ Sekoku

I think you should come out and say that your a Sony fanboy. If you don't like the score then tough.

Posted by Emandudeguyperson
Posted by WiFiPirate

I was torn on this game. I watched the "Behind the Scenes" video when it was first released and felt odd laughing at it, not knowing if it was a spoof or not.

Posted by GonzoGuy

Thanks for the heads up. I too am digging the demo but think it may not be worth $10. I'll wait 'till I see it for $5 like I did with Monsters.

Posted by FotherMucker

Awesome concept, needs a bit of improvement in the gameplay department. I loved it though.