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Wii Sports Resort is more--much more--of what made you fall in love with the Wii in the first place.

Playing tennis? On a table? That's crazy talk.
The original Wii Sports was the perfect pack-in game because it really summed up everything that the Wii was about. It was easy to grasp, but had enough of a hook to it to keep people coming back whether they'd played a thousand games or just one. It showcased the Wii's motion-sensing controls and let you know what they were all about. But beyond all of that, it was, at its core, fun. Simple, basic, fun.

While that experience is the one that launched millions of sales for Nintendo's console, it's been a bit of a bumpy road for those of us with years of gaming experience. As developers chase after the millions of Wii owners who don't have a lot of hours spent with more traditional games, we've seen tons of games that attempt to duplicate the simple successes of Wii Sports. But very few of these cash-ins have succeeded. All of this makes Nintendo's return to sports-themed minigames that much sweeter. Wii Sports Resort offers more variety and a bit more complexity without alienating that family up the street who only bought a Wii because they love bowling. Unless you're the kind of sullen misanthrope who can only feel at peace when getting headshots with some kind of virtual scope, you'll surely find something about Wii Sports Resort that keeps both you and your non-gaming friends or family coming back for more.

As the first game that actually requires you to have a Wii MotionPlus, Resort is the big showcase for Nintendo's sensitivity-enhancing brick, and it works very well. Wii Sports Resort and the MotionPlus combine to finally make good on all the promises that the Wii originally made back in 2006. Remember all the dopey models, hiding behind couches and twisting on-screen swords with lifelike precision? With the MotionPlus attached, everything feels just a bit closer to that reality. It's probably most noticeable in the sword fighting game, where you have to swing at multiple angles to get around your opponent's defense. The sword stuff ended up being my favorite game of the lot, actually. It just feels right.

In addition to the swordplay, there are 11 other types of games to play with in Wii Sports Resort. Odds are you won't love all of them. Me, I found canoeing, cycling, Frisbee, and power cruising to be my least favorite. Canoeing is just kind of tedious, though the act of paddling your canoe is fairly lifelike. Cycling doesn't replicate the act of riding a bike very well, asking you to shake a Remote and Nunchuk up and down to pedal and move them sideways to steer. Frisbee--which lets you play Frisbee golf or attempt to throw the disc at specific targets--seems really cool in theory, but I'm absolutely awful at it. And as much as you want power cruising to be the second coming of Wave Race, it's never going to be the second coming of Wave Race. The controls are awkward and the courses are dull.

The sword fighting is incredibly satisfying. 
But for every cycling, there's something like table tennis, which feels great and approximates the actual act of playing ping pong surprisingly well. Just like the real thing, it's all in the wrist, as twisting your wrist will apply spin to the ball. It brings more depth to an experience that would otherwise be strictly timing-based. There's also archery, where you draw the Nunchuk back like you're drawing a bow, take aim, and fire in a variety of situations. As the wind increases and your targets start moving, this becomes pretty tricky. The basketball game is mostly a three-point competition that feels like it rewards proper jump shot form. There's also a variant that lets you play three-on-three. This is nice because it lets you execute slam dunks by slamming the Wii Remote home after getting around the defenders, but it takes so many liberties with the rules of basketball that it's kind of clunky.

Golf and bowling both appeared in the original Wii Sports, and they're back in Resort. The main differences I noticed was that bowling felt a lot easier because you have a higher level of spin control on your shots. That same wrist twisting made golf a lot harder for me at first. I probably spent 30 minutes slicing shots into the rough before working out the kinks in my faux-swing, keeping my wrists straight, and getting a good feel for how much power is enough power. That said, they're still very similar to their counterparts from the previous game.

There's also an air sports section where you can sky dive or fly a plane around the island. The sky diving almost seems like a tutorial designed to get you used to moving the Remote with the Wii MotionPlus attached. The flying is interesting because it lets you see the whole island, where every event takes place. You can buzz the area where the sword duels take place, see the different cycling courses from the sky, and so on. But that and the two-player dogfighting aren't strong enough to keep you coming back.

If you can toss this Frisbee to this dog with any level of accuracy, you're a better person than I. 
All of these events are based around the tropical island of Wuhu. As you might expect by "Resort" being right there in the name, the game has a Hawaiian shirt kind of feel to it that gives everything a bright and colorful style. It's not dramatically better than my memory of the original Wii Sports, but when you compare the two side by side, you can tell which one is newer.

By offering 12 events and covering a variety of different styles, Nintendo has almost ensured that anyone who remotely liked anything about the original Wii Sports will find Wii Sports Resort to be a lot of fun. On top of that, it's still just as accessible as the original was, making it a great choice if you're looking for games to play with people who don't play a lot of games. You know what? It doesn't even need that layer of qualification. Wii Sports Resort is great. Jeff Gerstmann on Google+
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Posted by Dyergram

If only it let you cut the stupid dog in half...

Posted by Mouth

Wow. Now this is one more reason to get Wii Sports Resort.

Posted by TwoFive3

I put no more stock in your reviews Mr. Gertsmann

Posted by corgorav

Nice review Jeff, was suspecting 4 or 5 stars based on QL. As pretty hardcore anti-sports person irl and with games, I'm propably gonna buy this used.

Posted by Leadcat

Looks like I'll be getting this! Good thing too, I really need something to revive my Wii.

Posted by Interlink

Yikes. Five stars?

I mean, if you LOVED 11 of the 12 events, then sure - whatever, all subjective I know.

But in your review you admit that "Canoeing is just kind of tedious", "Cycling doesn't replicate the act of riding a bike very well", "power cruising... controls  awkward and the courses are dull." And it sounds like you didn't like Frisbee very much.

So that's 1/3 of the game you didn't like, and still a full five stars? By no means do I think you're biased in any way, I'm just a little confused I guess.

Posted by MrKlorox

LOL @ the "You'll love it if you're not a real asshole" vibe

Edited by twenty0ne

Seriously... a 5/5? 

The average score for Wii Sports Resort is around an 83%, so why the hell did you guys give it a 100%? You're saying this game is better than Left 4 Dead (4/5), World at War (4/5), and Fallout 3 (4/5)?

Seems like you need to get some more consistency with your review system...

Posted by Media_Master

I'll get this for sure!!

Posted by Akeldama

5 stars? :O 

perhaps my wii will be used before Silent Hill comes out. And by perhaps, i mean this friday, its go time :D
Posted by Renahzor

The QL you did looked very fun!  Maybe this will let me get some more use out of the little white brick this year!

Posted by OmegaPirate

I am utterly apalled by the way people here are complaining about the score - especially some of the 

 responses, i think a lot of you dont quite understand how the review system works here - and saying you haveno more stock because of one review makes a lot of people sound exactly like the whole reason this website came into existance in the first place.
When oyu are doing reviews or giving any kind of public opinion on ANYTHING - you will always upset some people, you just gotta stick to your guns and back it up with evidance, which Jeff has.

I am not the wii's biggets fan, in fact i hate the darn thing, however when i go round my mates house who has one (and a 360 might it add) i always have ablast between me and my fiancee- and him and his mrs- we play nothing but madworld and wii sports but they are both enjoyable in their own way.

This appears to be exactly the same as wii sports, which by all standards i should hate- but as is pointed out here- unless you are a grade A asshole , there will be something to enjoy - the same way that gears 2 was not really a massive upgrade over gears 1, just a refinement, a little bit of sheen and hey presto - a 5* worthy title, which i wholeheartedly agree with-  resort follows the same awesome formula, tweaks what was wrong, adds enough new stuff to call it a new title, so if the first wii sports was great, then this 'sequel' will also be at least AS good as the first.

And of course, a lot of the ragers here have been moaning that the wii games should be marked on a seperate scale - i kinda think this shows that it is to a point - now stop bloody moaning - read how the review system works, and take your head out of your goddamn arse.

On topic, great review, im going to be picking up a wii (i know right?!) for silent hill and dead space at the bare minimum, im hoping this will be another addition to my collection as it just looks hella fun - even if there are a few too many 

The game moves you, you just wave your hands

Games for my liking - lol
Posted by ghostNPC

Fuck, I thought I left behind all the ratings complaining at ign.

How did all you idiots get here?

Posted by Daniel

Wii Sports Resort looks pretty fun, I guess. I dunno, I've just never been able to really get into the Wii. I should pick one up and actually give it a genuine try.

Edited by twenty0ne
@OmegaPirate: Lol, well then you're going to continue to be appalled. As you stated, just like you have your opinion, Jeff has his, I have mine, and other's have theirs. By bashing me, you're contradicting your own statement. I'm standing by my opinion that it's crazy this is getting five stars. And just like Jeff did, I backed up my opinion with facts. You're completely entitled to disagree, but don't bash me (and my opinion)... which was basically the essence of what you said not to do in your own comment.

So wait... I can't say my opinion on the review, though you're allowed to say your opinion, bash me, and tell me to get my head out of my ass?

God damn hypocrites.
Posted by Aaron_G

Wow, didn't expect such a high score!

Posted by OmegaPirate
@twenty0ne said:
" @OmegaPirate: Lol, well then you're going to continue to be appalled. As you stated, just like you have your opinion, Jeff has his, I have mine, and other's have theirs. By bashing me, you're contradicting your own statement. I'm standing by my opinion that it's crazy this is getting five stars. You're completely entitled to disagree, but don't bash me (and my opinion).

God damn hypocrites.
Im not bashing you at all mate -in fact i hadn't even realised it was you that had left that comment, and i apologise if i came over a little brash in tone but telling staff that they need to better think their own damn review system is just crazy - as for being hypocritical - i dont see how telling people to stop moaning for the skae of moaning contradicts anything i was trying to say- but this is neither the time nor the place for this brah ;) if you want to chat it out feel free to PM 
Posted by KillaMaStA

Im not going to argue with that score, compared to other Wii games Im sure its awesome.

Posted by Willy105

I am overloaded with good Wii games to buy, and now I get another one. ARGHHH!!!

Posted by Lind_L_Taylor

It looks pretty boring.

Posted by Keeng

If I remember right, the GB rating system focuses on whether or not they recommend buying the game. If you have a Wii, this probably is a game you should buy. 

Posted by Dan_CiTi

Insert BlazBlue review comparison rage comment here.

Posted by wizeguy

i can see by most of the comments below that you lot dont no the full aspect of giant bombs star rating system, i see that the poster  keeng has got the the right idea of what the star system is about.        so its about time the bashers look in the help pages where it clearly states what the 5 star rating is about.

Posted by Snail

Wii Sports is simply not the reason why I fell in love with Wii.

Posted by theMcNasty

5 stars from Jeff, huh?  Game must be good.

Surprising review.

Posted by Willy105
@Snail said:
" Wii Sports is simply not the reason why I fell in love with Wii. "
It was for me, and the rest of my family.
Posted by SimoensS

Wow, guess I am a better person than you Jeff, the frisbee works fine for me, it's the basketball I'm having problems with (and in real life it's the other way around)
Really liking the Wii Motion+ action, altough this is what Wii should have been all along

Posted by SimoensS
@Willy105 said:
" I am overloaded with good Wii games to buy, and now I get another one. ARGHHH!!! "
What crazy world do you live in? Let me in, NOW! My Wii almost cried of excitement yesterday when I pressed the power button to play this game.
Posted by BestUsernameEver

I don't trust Jeff ever since he gave MK Vs DC a good score. Giving Wii sports resort a perfect score seems a little strange for me.

Posted by MiLeSu

I was a bit sceptic on getting Resort plus and extra MotionPlus but after reading your review I went to the store and was lucky enough to pick up the last package (resort+2 motionplus) they had :) Apperently they went away like butter in sunshine in our town here in Sweden. Keep up the good reviews Jeff!

Posted by Bilawal

WHAT?!!? 5 STARS?, I am now going to buy this.

Edited by shawnyofthedead

Picked this up today. The store had towers of the boxes stacked all over the place! I've played about half the games so far and its already far more enjoyable than the original Wii sports which I loved.

Posted by headcase

Getting pretty amped for this one; sounds like the Motion+ is what I was hoping for. Love the level of informalness on this review. It's just right.

Posted by wizeguy

i got mine today, and yep its way better than wii ports.   the table tennis is exellent with the spin you can put on the ball.   the sword fighting is awesome with real 1 to one control, lets just hope for a real light sabre game soon, or see if l red steel2 has got it right.   oh and  jeff the frisbee game is easy whats the matter with you lol.

Posted by Meowayne

I have found that with the stamp system, the gradually increasing AI and challenges (especially in swordfighting) and the generally weak multiplayer modes, this game at times is more fun in singleplayer than it is with people around. This is especially true for swordfighting.

Posted by Nintaiyo

Great video review, Jeff. I'm planning on picking this up tomorrow.

And hey, you actually got the dog to catch the frisbee!
Edited by Dethfish

I don't know why GB reviews games anymore. Every single time, no matter what the score, people start bitching about it. Shut the fuck up! Go back to gamespot if you wanna do that.

Why do people complain about the score? Because you don't agree with it? Get over it, you're not the editors here so fuck off. And guess what, if you have a different opinion on the game you can just write your own review. It seems more productive than whining about it in the comments.

I'm seriously getting sick of this shit.

And you Wii anti-fanboys (or whatever the hell you wanna call it) can also fuck off. You're pathetic.

Posted by Johnny_sReb

I picked this game up yesterday (Saturday 7/25/09) to give to my mom as a birthday present. (First time my mom gets a video game as a present but it's also a present for me to. (I know cheap but also got her another present)) That said, I wanted to try it out before I give it to her, so I did. I personally would not give it a 5, It is definitively a must have Wii title if your family loved the first Wii sports. I played the game for about 2 hrs before I sealed it back up. Despite some dud's I would give it a 4 to 4.5 if I were reviewing it.


Posted by Dethfish
@Fragstoff: Yeah, I know. Maybe I went a little overboard.
Posted by teh_pwnzorer
@Bigandtasty said:
" Sword fighting sounds fun. "
Look up the urban dictionary definition of "sword fighting."
Posted by Peacemaker

Awesome review, I will be picking the game up probably today.  I'm going to need a motion plus for future game anyway.

Posted by SJSchmidt93
@JeffGertsmann's Wii Sports Resort Title Line

Wait, I fell in love with the Wii?

Just gonna rent this game.
Posted by lspear76

This isn't a 5 star game, Jeff. That's all I have to say about that. 

Posted by Sharpfilly

Nice review. I agree with most of it. Actually, because of your (Jeff's) enthusiasm about the game, I became very excited and couldn't wait for it. So, I went out to buy it shortly after I woke up on Sunday morning. I also purchased an extra MotionPlus for me and my boyfriend to play. We started down the list of games and thoroughly enjoyed many of the games, while kind of disliking some. Sword fighting is definitely satisfying, while canoeing is boring. And that's pretty much how it seems to go- you find a really fun one, then a kind of bad one.
... the Frisbee dog is SO cute.

Posted by Head_of_Games

A full five stars? Really? For all that criticism you gave the game I don't see how that's completely justified, especially considering how every other reviewer has given it much lower. I think I may pick this up though!

Edited by Bigandtasty

Funny how Jeff gives Conduit 2 stars and people claim he's biased against Nintendo, and then he gives Resort 5 stars and people claim he's biased for Nintendo. 

I'm thinking g-bomb should do away with ratings entirely because it just gives random people a chance to complain.
Posted by RHCPfan24

5 stars is surprising but at the same time not too unexpected. It looks like a lot of fun and the WiiMotionPlus is getting the recognition and exposure it needs.

Posted by Number1
@Bigandtasty said:
" Funny how Jeff gives Conduit 2 stars and people claim he's biased against Nintendo, and then he gives Resort 5 stars and people claim he's biased for Nintendo. 

I'm thinking g-bomb should do away with ratings entirely because it just gives random people a chance to complain.
No they shouldnt cause i saw that 5 stars and brought it, and the sword fighting is freaking fantastic.
Posted by JackPack

Great review. Now I really have to get this game!

Posted by Willy105

After a month of playing this game, only now do I agree that this game deserves it's 5 stars.

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