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In a dystopian future, the corporations have taken over. The New Order Nation (NON), lead by the villainous Mistress Helga, have waged war on the youth and have banned music, televison, and video games. Not cool. But the greatest injustice is that they have kidnapped Aerosmith! You must defeat the NON with the power of music. Which means you're going to be firing CDs at guys in yellow suits and motorcycle helmets, and giant glowing green skulls!


In this game, it's not only Janie who has a gun, as this is a standard rail shooter in which you are led along a set path and defeat enemies by aiming and shooting at them with the yellow button. The home versions were not light gun-compatible.


  • The members of the band are hidden within the levels and if you find them all you get the proper canon ending.
  • The songs Eat the Rich, Toys in the Attic, Sweet Emotion, and Walk this Way are looped throughout the game. Not the entire song, but rather a few seconds of each, over and over and over again.
  • There were plans to make a Public Enemy version, but that awesome idea has yet to come to fruition.
  • The CD-ROM releases of Revolution X featured full-motion video sequences with members of the band informing the game's plot.
  • In Revolution X, not only is music used as a weapon, MUSIC IS THE WEAPON.

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