Revolver Ocelot or Liquid Ocelot?

#1 Posted by Met2609 (635 posts) -

I think I know what you guys might say, but which form of Ocelot do you like better: Revolver or Liquid? Maybe even young Ocelot?

I was kinda disappointed that we barely get any real Ocelot in MGS4, mostly Liquid Ocelot. I always liked Revolver better. Young Ocelot is pretty awesome, too.

#2 Posted by DaveF (258 posts) -

I like Revolver Ocelot better. I didn't like young Ocelot the first time I played MGS3, but I reckon he is pretty good now. The way he tricks everybody is pretty fun to watch.

#3 Posted by FLStyle (5922 posts) -

I thought MGS2 Revolver was cool when he explained everything to the pawns, but my favourite is Young Ocelot.

#4 Posted by CountRockula (409 posts) -

Revolver Ocelot is definitely the best.  As to Young Ocelot, I though his little meowing call was weird, but I loved the stupid little hand motion he kept doing.  For weeks after I finished that game, my friends and I would greet each other with that motion.

#5 Posted by Otacon (2263 posts) -

Revolver Ocelot, I think that he is the most interesting character in the series. Young Ocelot in MGS3 really gave us a sense of his character.

#6 Posted by Kush (9089 posts) -

I really loved Young Ocelot. I always thought he was an interesting character, but after seeing how he started in MGS3 I really loved his character. I absolutely hate Liquid Ocelot and what they did to his character...

#7 Posted by Socks (26 posts) -

I prefer Revolver as well. He was great in MGS: Twin Snakes. One of my favourite boss fights. His dialogue is awesome.

#8 Posted by Schadenfreude (219 posts) -

Young Ocelot is hilarious and by far my favorite. Liquid Ocelot is a closer second however.

#9 Posted by theycallmeryan (101 posts) -

Young Ocelot is hilarious lol.

#10 Posted by Gaius (149 posts) -

I prefer Revolver Ocelot. He had some serious gunslinging skills.

#11 Posted by dancingBear (9 posts) -

i always found ocelot quite a bit confusing and hard to get my head around. hes always triple crossing everybody that sometimes i have no idea where he stands. i think young ocelot's goals in MGs3 were much more understandable, but i did think revolver ocelot had an amazing character about him that just make him soo cool. but then i think he tended to lose it a bit in MGS2 and i hated how liquids voice would come through whenever the arm would take over, i found that irritating and kinda gay. but i think seeing liquid ocelot in MGS4 just showed his true power for what it was, he didnt even seem like he had a weakness and he just seemed indestructable. sooo i would probably go with liquid ocelot as he was pure awesome that had total control and didnt seem to worry about getting his arm cut off by a ninja

#12 Posted by TurboMan (8394 posts) -

Revolver Ocelot is the definition of badass

he had to be Liquids doppelganger and wasn't as cool though...

Revolver always got his hands dirty, while Liquid stands to the side....

#13 Posted by Kraznor (1610 posts) -

Young Ocelot, as he shows off the best gunslinging skills. Liquid Ocelot is my least favorite as you get none of that whatsoever.

#14 Posted by Organicalistic_ (3092 posts) -

young revolver ocelot

#15 Posted by JohnKiller118 (64 posts) -

We already have a character with a similar personality as Liquid... his name is Liquid. 
Revolver Ocelot was more awesome.

#16 Posted by Drewbs (2794 posts) -

Revolver Ocelot was way cooler than his counterparts.

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