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Rez Is 2

Rez is a refreshing beverage on a hot summer day.Rez is spontaneous sex in a public restroom.Rez is the after-party when the drugs run out, the music dies down, and everyone passes out on the couch.Rez is watching the Matrix on acid while listening to trance in one ear, and having your best friend give you a Neuromancer synopsis in the other.Rez is a virtual reality program from the future, slipped accidentally through a data wormhole to our ancient consoles.Rez is gathering yourself in the alle...

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Audio and Visual Overkill 0

The awesome Dreamcast/Ps2 game even better! great music, awesome graphics and leaderboards and replay save/view option. The Jump from SD to HD really improved the game and it is safe to say this is by far the best Version of REZ you can buy. I put about 50+ hours into 'playing' REZ on the PS2 but I guess the XBLA version could make me play this even longer....

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If techno were a game 0

Rez HD isn't the first of its kind for me. That is, a game that I simply don't understand. I hear all the good things people are saying about the game, but upon downloading and playing the game for myself, I have to admit that I am stumped. Because to me, Rez HD is a repetitive, no frills, and unwieldy shooter that failed to get me excited in any way, shape, or form.That includes the game's techno-centric atmosphere that I heard so many good things about. All the audio in the game is a slew of t...

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audivisual intercourse 0

Describing Rez in literal terms is a great way to keep people from playing it. It is an on rails shooter with interactive music set inside a computer system with the player being a hacker who is trying to shut everything down, and on top of that it is over 5 years old, originally came out on the Dreamcast and can be finished in just over an hour. Meh, on rails shooter will never get better then Panzer Dragoon Orta and Rock Band has the interactive music genre tied up quite nicely, why bother. Th...

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A Really Immersive Experience 0

My favourite type of games are the ones that completely immerse you. This isn’t limited strictly to role playing games, as most games feature an element of fantasy, but it is a key trait of gaming that keeps me coming back for more. Whatever gaming world I enter into next is almost irrelevant as the role I take on changes within each gaming dimension. Some games are more than just an interactive world and compelling storytelling. Some games immerse you in a different way, where you feel physical...

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Cohesive Experience 0

Rez's experience is enjoyable because everything fits together nicely.  It feels like the music informed the core of the game's design philosophy,  which is totally awesome because the tunes are amazing.  With that said, the game is enjoyable to play, even considering that its first half is fairly forgiving.  All the elements of the game (e.g. the way you shoot, the visual cues and overall art style) all suit the music perfectly.  All together, these elements combine to make a game that is a joy...

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Who needs drugs when you got REZ!? 0

 Who needs drugs when you got Rez?Rez came out for the Dreamcast and PS2 on November 21st 2001. The PS2 version came with a Trance Vibrator which would vibrate along with the beat of the music. If you do some research you'll hear a lot of stories about girls using the vibrator for “unique” purposes. Enough of that aspect of Rez let me tell you what it's about.Rez is an on-rail shooter similar to Panzer Dragoon, Star Fox, Ikaruga, galaga, etc. The unique thing about this game is that it ...

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"You Must Be Getting The High Score!" 0

This review originally ran at The Stranger, a weekly newspaper in Seattle, WA. You can read the original version here.   Rez is a weird enough video game without its vibrator. The 2001 title sees you floating through a wireframe world a la Tron and blasting stuff with a gun that, when fired, produces the beats and sound effects of its trance soundtrack. In spite of its cult success, Rez was mostly brushed over at the time—particularly by American gamers. But a limited-edition Japanese release ca...

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