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Rez Is

Rez is a refreshing beverage on a hot summer day.

Rez is spontaneous sex in a public restroom.

Rez is the after-party when the drugs run out, the music dies down, and everyone passes out on the couch.

Rez is watching the Matrix on acid while listening to trance in one ear, and having your best friend give you a Neuromancer synopsis in the other.

Rez is a virtual reality program from the future, slipped accidentally through a data wormhole to our ancient consoles.

Rez is gathering yourself in the alley behind the club, trying to avoid stepping in your own sick.

Rez is a digital breach into the previously intangible collective unconcious.

Rez is a sensory amalgamation of all the sentient mind can process at once.

Rez is life.

Rez is.

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Posted by Oni

Rez is pretty awesome. Just chilling out, playing it on my huge tv, getting totally immersed. So much more than the sum of its parts.

Posted by BrainSpecialist

Rez will both obliterate you and...


It will simply blow you away.

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