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Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches is set on the Celtic fringes of Britain, a place where myth and magic spill into reality, threatening the sanity of a teenage girl named Rhiannon Sullivan.  An ancient battle for revenge engulfs Ty Pryderi, the remote Welsh farmstead Rhiannon now calls home.  She begins to hear unexplained noises, see disturbing visions and experience other chilling paranormal phenomena.  There is an ancient evil lurking in the walls of Ty Pryderi that holds a terrible connection to a timeless struggle between man and magic fabled in the Mabinogion Legends.  Her parents take Rhiannon away, leaving Ty Pryderi to your watch and exploration, but their absence can only postpone the inevitability of revenge and death.  Unless you can stop it!


* Set in present day, the plot draws from ancient Welsh myths and legends.

* Explore the eerie Welsh farmstead, from the imposing house, to it's extensive grounds and buildings.

* First person point and click with approximately 20 to 30 hours of largely non-linear gameplay.

* Involved multi-threaded plot.

* Features classic themes such as: magic, paranormal phenomena and technological gadgets.

* Interact with a comprehensive inventory of nearly 200 items.

* 1024x768 full screen graphics.

* Engaging and unusual challenges, mostly plot and inventory driven.

* A haunting musical score will send chills down your spine.

* Solid chapter structure to the compelling and ultimately uplifting story.

Minimum System Requirements

Windows 2000/XP/Vista,
1.5GHz Intel/AMD processor,
512MB RAM (1GB recommended for Vista),
64MB DirectX 9 compatible graphics card,
4X speed DVD-ROM drive,
2.5GB HDD space,
DirectX 9 compatible sound card,
Mouse, keyboard and speakers.

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