12 min of Rhythm Heaven Wii (video)

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Heck yeah, Rhythm Heaven is one of my all time favorites on the DS, this is getting an english version right? please tell me it is.....
Also I can see getting perfects being highly frustrating on it heh, on the DS you gotta have freaking surgical precision at times with your timing, since the wiimote is everything BUT precise I can see that being a problem, but I'll still play it to death.

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@onarum: Last time I heard it only uses buttons. If it requires waggle I'm out, I love the DS one.

Damn that third game looks fun.

Those guys in the background in the fourth.. I want this now.

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@ervonymous: Yeah, let's hope that if they do add waggle to it they leave a button option in.
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I'm not sure what to think of this yet, it all looks so crazy.

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@onarum: There actually is no motion controls whatsoever in the game due to that very fact of imprecision.

Can't wait for this game.

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