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Get down and funky with Rhythm Heaven Fever 0

As the final months of the Wii come to a close and developers look forward to the WiiU there are still a few games left that will encourage you to dust off that console and strap that remote back onto your wrist. Rhythm Heaven Fever is the latest title in the Rhythm Heaven franchise. The first game that was brought to the US was Rhythm Heaven for the DS. Following its critical and commercial success Nintendo released the sequel on the Wii. Can it capture the same charm and joy that its predecess...

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Rhythm Heaven Fever Review 0

Videogames attempts to marry gameplay to music have long suffered from a case of ‘this’ or ‘that’. Narrative or pure mechanics, simon says memorization or notes on cue. Music rhythm games have been largely forced to pigeonhole themselves into working with a single mechanic with little flexibility. None of those games are Rhythm Heaven.Since Rhythm Tengokou came out at the end of the Game Boy Advance’s lifetime, the series created by the lunatics behind Warioware have given players music-based mi...

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Contagious and Terminal 0

Rhythm Heaven Fever is not afraid to--beat---you.Damning difficulty may not be the first thought to cross your mind as you glare at the exuberantly colorful box art and the adorable in-game personified animals and super-deformed humans; but rest assure Rhythm Heaven Fever will burn up any degree of self-respect you may have for your ability to keep rhythm. The game absolutely demands precision and gives zero leniency to missteps. As a neophyte to the Rhythm Heaven series, the sudden ramp up of d...

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Die And Go To Rhythm Heaven 0

Rhythm games traditionally make an effort to become more and more complex and mechanical as time goes on. A look at the trajectory of the Guitar Hero and Rock Band series show a series of mechanics being piled higher and higher, culminating in keyboard controllers, “pro guitar” controllers that are functionally real guitars, and drum kits with three cymbals or two bass pedals. Would-be upstarts like Rock Revolution, PowerGig: Rise of the Sixstring, and Rocksmith all open with more complicated co...

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Rhythm games at their best 0

I could go to length about how I love music, and how Rhythm Heaven Fever not only has amazing music, but how it is one of the only rhythm games where you actually do need a sense of rhythm. How every game is weird and funny and looks great, and always has a very simple way to show you if you have the rhythm and makes sure you're listening to the music rather than looking at the screen. But you know what ? A picture is worth a thousand words... or in this case, a video. So without further ado, he...

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