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I'm just wondering how much you guys have progressed in the game. Here's where I am:

  • Completed Up Through: Remix 7
  • Medals: 20
  • Perfects: 5
  • Favorite Game At The Moment: Fan Club 2 (in spite of the bad singing)
  • Most Hated Game At The Moment: Rhythm Rally 2 (I've only attempted it once, but...woah!)
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  • Finished the game
  • Medals: 50
  • Perfects: 27
  • Favorite Game: Rockers
  • Most Hated Game: The Dazzles

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I tapped the screen and cool things happened!

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Medals: 45
Perfects: 18
Favorite Game: Lockstep
Most Hated Game: Rhythm Rally
UPDATED: 7-18-10 
Game Finished 
Medals: 50 
Perfects: 24 
Favorite game: Lockstep 
Most Hated Game: Dog Ninja

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