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This game is everything a rhythm game should be.

Simply put, this game was well worth the money. I think that as a DS game it does its job perfectly. It is short and sweet, and most importantly, its fun. The touch screen set up is simple to use and works great! (Most of the time) Once in a while, up strokes on the touch screen decide not to work for some reason. But after you get used to what it takes to make it work, this problem is pretty much eliminated. The only other problem with it is the learning curve. Now, I'm not saying you should be a musical Mozart when you play this game, but boy would it help. Someone who isn't experienced with rhythm games is going to have a difficult time beating the learning curve with Rhythm Heaven. The game is the one the most unforgiving progression systems I've seen for a time killing game like this. You have to do everything almost perfect inorder to avoid being scolded and stripped of your "flow" rank. Luckily after a bit of practice, I think most people will pick right up on what the game has to offer.


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