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1000+ hours of game play

At this stage of the game i begin to see how much i spend per game. in this case it comes out to a cent an hour. With so many songs in my library I can play Thousands of songs!!! Thousands!!!! As long as they keep updating the visuals I'll never get bored. I'll be watching!!! (o)  (o) Remember keep adding to your product please.... No seriously... do it... do it now.

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    I have too much music 0

    This is possibly the best thing since iTunes for my music...  I love being able to play MY songs, the bands that I like.  It's pretty accurate detection, and the difficulty level is astounding.  I need to get a USB guitar, because I think I broke my keyboard already.    The visualizers are top-notch, probably the best i've seen since the early winamp days.  I find myself totally b0rking a track because I get distracted by all the shineys.   Kudos to the devs also, they are really active on the S...

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