Didn't he used to do game testing?

#1 Posted by I_smell (4212 posts) -

Or am I just making this up? I'm sure I heard it on a podcast or something where he talked for awhile about how mcuh it sucks to be a games tester.

#2 Posted by Jensonb (1893 posts) -

Yeah, for THQ. I made sure to include it when I wrote the Bio

#3 Posted by JamesF (1546 posts) -

Yeah he sure did. Talked about it from time to time on The HotSpot RIP.

#4 Posted by DarkLegend (1383 posts) -

Yeah he sure did.

#5 Posted by Beaudman (67 posts) -
Jensonb said:
"Yeah, for THQ. I made sure to include it when I wrote the Bio

How'd you find out it was THQ? I remember him being so secretive about who he tested for.
#6 Posted by calf_exercises (880 posts) -

yer im pretty sure he did, but he never stated which games though

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