The Eyebrow Discussion

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Discuss theories on Rich Gallup's eyebrow here. I think it's actually two eyebrows really close together.

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It was burned I bet.

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He said himself "its a puberty thing"

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Meh... genetics.

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Damn, Rich gets his own forum section? Who do I have to kill to get my own? That DaWhiteAsian guy?

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He got the scar while eating pineapple!

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I can believe that. Pineapples are pretty spikey, and you have to have it pretty close to your face to eat it.

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You know i never noticed it that much before until i rewatched some old footage of him on youtube, maybe he got smacked in the face by a controller. You know when you play with someone who moves the controller around as they move their character ingame?

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Well, the truth of this whole eyebrow thing -- He rescued kittens from a burning building, with the use of only his eyebrow, a clothing hanger and some bubblegum.

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Ok, so the actual truth is that it had something to do with genetics during puberty. I don't remember what it was called, but it made his hair turn white in that spot. So no, it's not a scar.

He explained this on his final On the spot.

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I know for a fact he's talked about it, and I'm pretty sure he blamed it on puberty...

he also said some nicknames they gave him because of it. Can't remember them..

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I never noticed till yesterday when I was looking through closeup images. They never went in that close on gamespot live. 

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Never noticed till now

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I heard he got it when he was a roadie for the Stones in the good 'ole days.

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He was attempting to catch lightning to impress a girl.  He failed.

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He was punched in the face by a ghost and was terribly frightened.

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The truth is that when he was in puberty his body thought he had a mole on his eyebrow, (which he didn't) and bleached it out

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CleverLoginName has it right (by the way, clever log in name.... C WAT I DID THUR?!?!?!)

that's navarro's explaination haha.

but yeah.... its a puberty thi....o my god.... GUINEA PIRATE!!!!!!!! 
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Battle wound.

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Read the page lulz.

  • He has a scar on his left eyebrow. The scar developed during puberty when, as Gallup explains, his body thought a mole had developed and tried to bleach it out. However there was no mole, leaving a bleached patch of skin. The more widely accepted version is that a ghost went through him and left a mark.
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