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Richter first meets Emil Castagnier on his journey to find the Ratatosk's Core, Since he was oppressed as a child he hates others that oppress others as well as hating people who do not stand up for themselves, He has a extremely distrusting nature for he will do anything to get his way to finish his quest. He first encounters Emil as he is getting bullied, Richter steps in and helps him and already Emil irritates him from his timidity and passiveness which he hates but Richter instead teaches Emil basic combat. Richter's reason for hating for others to be oppressed is because of the oppression that happened to him since he is a Half Elf. He pushes Emil to do his best and to protect the people he cares for the most.

Richter used to be a researcher at Sybak, where he was researching the spirit of the Ratatosk Core with his dear friend, Aster. Together, they were commissioned into looking at the Ratatosk's mana: however due to previous betrayal by Mithos group, the spirit's trust had dissapeared. Ratatosk went on a rampage and killed Aster in the process. Richter then turned his sword on Ratatosk and "killed" him, leaving a Ratatosk's core behind. Before Richter succeeds in completely destroying Ratatosk, Tenebrae escapes with the core. Since then, Richter has sworn to find the Ratatosk's Core and destroy it.

Richter sees Emil as weak since he can't seem to fight back for himself.
In battle!

Richter's ablities come from his half-elf background. Unlike most half-elves, Richter excels at both melee and spell combat. Most of Richter's artes are elemental attributed, allowing him to counter enemies with elemental weaknesses with ease. However, despite how powerful his arts are, they can be difficult execute correctly. Some of Richter's artes such as Enduring Summer and Enduring Equinox can be hard to combo correctly. Richter is not limited to melee artes; he also has a wide array of spells at his disposal. Being a half-elf, Richter is able to use low to high level tier spells, ranging from Aqua Edge and First Aid to Tidal Wave and Bloody Howling.

Richter is not often in your party, and Emil and Marta often have confrontations with him. His battle strategy is often to overwhelm his opponents with his wide array of elemental attacks. He is quick on the ground and is often hard to flinch. His Mystic Arte, Towering Inferno, shows his adeptness with the sword with a display of powerful slashes ending with a blast of dark energy onto the entire battlefield. His signature counter attack, Eternal Recurrence, reflects his hatred for Ratatosk by allowing him to deflect his most powerful attack, Ain Soph Aur.

Although most of the time Richter is calm and collective, he is fierce in battle and shows no mercy to his opponents.

Richter was extremely close with his dear friend Aster, who was his companion during the time he was a researcher at Sybak. He was heart brokened at Aster's sudden death and vowed to destroy Ratatosk. Richter has then developed a cold heart and often ignored relationships with people. However, he looks over Emil as a guardian and teaches him the art of fighting. Richter is puzzled with Emil's appearance and apparent resemblance to his late friend. He bears much hostility to Marta and goes to any means to destroy the Ratatosk's core she carries. Richter is often seen with Alice of the Vanguard Army, which put in question what sort of affiliation he has with the group.

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