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Released by Valve in 2000, Ricochet is a multiplayer-only modification of Half-Life. Borrowing heavily from Discs of Tron, players are meant to combat one another by tossing discs at one another, in an attempt to knock them off the floating platforms that compose the games maps. In addition to the floating platforms are floating barriers, off of which discs may ricochet and fly back into the arena. Alternatively, a secondary attack allows you to fire your entire reserve of discs (Which regenerate over time) simultaneously, which will decapitate an opponent upon contact.

Strangely enough, the number of player deaths is not shown on the scoreboard: Only the number of kill points. This system of score-keeping would be seen again in Team Fortress 2. Another oddity is the fact that aiming is effectively two-dimensional, with players only able to toss their discs directly forward perpendicular to their chest.

The game is currently available on Steam for $4.99. A Mac version is currently in beta. Players who purchased Half-Life before the release of Steam received the game for free upon Steam's release. Unlike Counter-Strike and the other commercially released Half-Life multiplayer mods, the player community for Ricochet was never particularly strong: Very few custom maps have been developed, and the number of open dedicated servers can be counted on two hands.


There are four power-ups that can be picked up to improve the disc attacks in the game:

  • The Triple Shot: Allows you to shoot three discs at once in different directions.
  • The Freeze Shot: Causes anyone hit by your discs to move very slowly.
  • The Fast Shot: Improves the rate of fire.
  • The Power Shot: Makes any hits on an opponent be a decapitation.

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