49.95 seems pretty damn steep

#1 Posted by spyder335 (569 posts) -

I would probably pick this up for 20 or so

#2 Posted by Grimdaddy (71 posts) -

Well, its $29.99 now. So thats closer at least. I'll give it a shot, at that price.

#3 Posted by spyder335 (569 posts) -

damn missed it just went on steam its up at 49.95 again

#4 Posted by newhaap (463 posts) -

No it's not, it's still $29.99. What is it, has there been any expectation for it? I've never heard of it before.

#5 Edited by Grimdaddy (71 posts) -

Haha holy shit, whatever you do, do not buy this. It is a goddamn travesty.

Terrible writing, terrible acting, clunky controls, and BONUS awkward "Hot Coffee" type sex scenes. There are various women being harassed throughout the game, and when you "save" them they don't even say thanks or something, they just commence to banging the main character.

Also, it is so far not at all open world, just a chain of short and terribly scripted missions back to back. There might be a hub somewhere down the line, but the gameplay is so weak so far I cannot imagine it matters. Best to avoid this one, but it sure would make for awesome quick-look fodder!

Edit: Also, all the bits that look like Road Rash? You are in control of your bike, but all of the combat? Quick time events. Yep.

#6 Posted by TheHT (12912 posts) -
#7 Posted by Wampa1 (819 posts) -

@grimdaddy: Reading that, then watching a gameplay demo this is clearly some good Vinny quick look material.

#8 Posted by spyder335 (569 posts) -

@wampa1 said:

@grimdaddy: Reading that, then watching a gameplay demo this is clearly some good Vinny quick look material.

someone needs to tweet him i want the vinster QL.

#9 Posted by WickedSickDanceAttack (41 posts) -
#10 Posted by Morningstar (2335 posts) -

I would probably pick this up for 20 or so

I was thinking the same thing. Waiting for the quick look though.

#11 Edited by Barrock (3802 posts) -

From the Destructoid review it's straight up broken.

#12 Posted by altairre (1445 posts) -
#13 Posted by Glottery (1637 posts) -

For the love of god, let Vinny be in the QL...just those 10 seconds I saw of some Youtube video convinced me, that this has some great material to offer...not sure why anyone would pay money of this though, unless you got a thing for (seemingly) terrible games and have money to spare.

#14 Posted by deadeyes (82 posts) -

This game looks dreadful, I was (rather stupidly I guess) hoping for a game in the likes of Sons of Anarchy.

That it certainly is not

#15 Posted by GamingMichael (127 posts) -

The Quick Look was fuckin' comedy gold! Holy shit!

#16 Posted by Gruebacca (713 posts) -

Looks like this game has been in development for a looooooong time. Also by the looks of it, a lot of features were apparently scrapped such as "detail to 60's biker culture", "open world", "respect system", and "no money."

An 2008 Gamespot preview reported on a "first half of 2009" release. Looks like a lot can happen within 5 years.

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